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The Tour So Far: Crashes, Casualties, and Unrequited Love (VIDEO)

PHOTO: Christophe Ena/AP

There’s a reason they call a rider’s attempt at the Tour a campaign, it can get bloody.

Already this year the Tour has suffered some heavy casualties. No doubt before the peloton rolls past the Champs-Elysees in a couple weeks, there will be more.

With Mark Cavendish crashing in the first stage, defending champion Chris Froome retiring his campaign during Stage 5 after having three crashes in two days and Alberto Contador out yesterday from a wreck that resulted in a broken tibia, it looks like current race leader, Italy’s Vincenzo Nibali is staring at a very possible Tour de France win.

-If he doesn’t crash or lose some crazy time in the Alp stages ahead.

Nibali’s two-and-a-half minute lead in the GC means a lot of folks are calling the Yellow Jersey his to lose.

Vincenzo Nibali is the current leader of the Tour. Photo: courtesy of London Evening Standard

Vincenzo Nibali is the current leader of the Tour. Photo: Courtesy of London Evening Standard

Since the focus of the Tour so far has been crash after crash after crash, we might as well take a look at some of the Tour’s biggest crashes in the past couple years:

Now, if the Italian does succeed in finishing first in Paris, there are already rumblings that he wouldn’t have really ‘earned’ his championship because of all the mayhem that plagued the first part of the Tour and the key riders that were taken out to let him slip into that yellow jersey a little more easily.

Nibali must be feeling like he gets no respect.

A feeling crystallized when he was denied a kiss by one of the podium girls after winning Stage 2:

Who doesn’t want to kiss an Italian?? Maybe if he wins the Tour she’ll give him a hearty pat on the back.

I guess we’ll see how well Nibali climbs in the Alps.


Paralysed Martyn Ashton Inspires Homage (Video)

PHOTO: Courtesy Bike Magazine

Last September, Martyn Ashton, the legendary UK mountain bike trials rider and former World Champion, was finishing work on his second short film of trials style riding on a road bike, Road Bike Party 2 (embedded below), when a fall from a platform ten feet off the ground left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Falling backwards off a platform during a trials demo at the Animal WD40 Action Sports Tour, Ashton was airlifted to a local hospital where he spend the following six weeks recovering from the accident. In the interim, he grabbed some friends to help him finish the stunts in the video, which he edited and released earlier this year.

It’s pretty #$%&ing rad:

It turns out Ashton’s awesome stunts have inspired some folks out there. Especially a dude from Italy named Vittorio Brumotti, a trials star himself, who’s done his best to pay homage to the infamous Ashton by putting together his own little piece of road bike insanity that he just released:

Pretty amazing stuff to be riding around a working quarry, jumping onto bulldozers, and not even having to wear an orange safety vest. Italians are the coolest.

Brumotti is a big fan of Ashton. In fact, Brumotti says that, “Martyn was one of my inspirations and I was a huge fan of everything he did on Road Bike Party. My new film is my dedication to Martyn’s work.”

Brumotti is right to pay the man such high regard. All it takes is one look at Martyn Ashton’s Facebook posts, where he’s currently inspiring folks to try something that gets them out of their comfort zone before July, or even reading over a couple quotes about his accident and how he’s dealt with the aftermath, to realize he’s a particularly rare person. I’ve long held the belief that trials riders have a supreme ability to look at something -whether it’s terrain, an object, or a ridiculously precarious drop- and allow themselves to think positively enough about it that they pluck up some courage and go for it! Where most of us see an absolute no-pass-nightmare and go pedaling in the opposite direction, our heads full of self-doubt and negative talk, trials-minded folk will smile, hop on their bike and give it a shot. How would it be to have that outlook on things? I can’t help but think that attitude is helped Ashton during his recovery from the fall. It seems like it’s continuing to serve him well now with his new endeavors.

No doubt it’s been an adjustment, but judging by the photos of him hitting a velodrome on a hand cycle, swimming, rowing or trying out some canoeing, you can’t really say Ashton has slowed down.

All of us at Contender are huge fans of this guy. We’re excited to see what he does next.

Throwback Thursday – Giovanni Pinarello

In 1951, Giovanni Pinarello was racing in the 34th Giro d’Italia which was won by Rosa Fiorenzo Magni. Giovanni came in last place in the race, which in that time was not a dishonor, instead, a competition to wear the Maglia Nera (Black Jersey) which was awarded to the rider in last place overall. Cyclists would purposely hide out or give themselves flat tires in order to finish last in a stage. While not practiced anymore, this victory was recognized just as much as winning the Giro overall. Upon arriving in Milan on the final day of the race, Giovanni Pinarello rode a “lap of honor” with the winers in the Viogorelli Velodrome.

The photo below is from the Pinarello Family Store in Treviso, Italy. In the store, a quote from Gino Bartali (a good friend of Giovanni) is visible and says: “The Black Jersey of Cycling … but the Pink Jersey of Life.”

The history of Giovanni Pinarello in the Pinarello Family Shop in Treviso.

The history of Giovanni Pinarello in the Pinarello Family Shop in Treviso.


Picture: Sarah Reingewirtz Source: AP

A Premature Celebration At The Tour of California (Video)

Picture: Sarah Reingewirtz, Source: AP

Eloy Teruel was leading the pack during the seventh and last stage of the Tour of California on Saturday when, after just crossing the finish line signaling one more lap to go, he realized that he had made a pretty serious error in his lap count.

The Spanish cyclist, thinking that he had just completed the final lap of the stage and had out-sprinted his competitors for the stage win, began celebrating by pumping his fists in the air and pounding his chest. It took the announcers and fans trying to get his attention shouting, “One more to go!” as well as the pack of riders gaining quickly on him from behind for Teruel to gather that he had made a mistake in thinking it was the last lap.


You can actually see the elation of winning leave his face as he slowly realizes that he’s got another lap to go, and the pack is coming up quick. No doubt exhausted and finding himself misplaced by his early bird sprint, Eloy ended up finishing 56th, while lovakia’s Peter Sagan went on to win the stage.

Pretty embarrassing stuff. But we’ve all been there. Maybe not in front of a massive crowd during the last stage of a major tour, but hey, we’ve all had our moments.

Most embarrassed I’ve ever been on a bike: 

I was flying west down 4th South right here in majestic Salt Lake City, trying to race my friend back to his home at the end of a very long ride. It was a Sunday afternoon and there wasn’t too much traffic out; we hit mostly greens as we started to ramp up our end-of-ride sprint through downtown. I had pulled ahead of my friend across a couple city blocks when I noticed two particularly attractive girls perched at the corner of 4th and Main waiting for the light to change so they could cross the street.

Now, am I hot dog? No. Do I usually embarrass myself? Yep. Is it worse when girls are around? Most definitely. But since I knew I was going to fly by these beautiful birds and because I was feeling pretty damn good about out-sprinting my buddy for three blocks, I had taken my eyes off the road in front of me and was putting in some solid time throwing out the mojo to the babes. I decided the best way to impress them was to fly past in my spandex and shout a wazzup; knowing that I would go by like a shot and they’d be left wondering who that devastatingly handsome blur was. Perfect friggin’ plan. I’m a genius.

It went pretty well. Up to a point. Basically the point where I shouted out my greeting, “What’s up, ladies!” and they turned their perfect heads of cascading locks to see the human bullet preparing to pass them. As soon as I had herald my compliments, I heard my friend scream my name as loud as he could from behind. I instinctively looked up ahead just in time to see the light had long since changed and a Trax train was passing right in front of me.

I grabbed my brakes as hard as I could and skidded to a stop just feet from the passing train. My friend pulled up leisurely behind me, called me an idiot in between chuckles, and then I had to endure sitting there as the girls passed in front of us, making serious efforts not to acknowledge the giant douche who just screamed at them and then almost hit a train. As they crossed, I put my helmeted head down. realizing my matching team kit didn’t really impress anyone but me.

At least Eloy was actually in a race.

Radar Devices that detect bicycles waiting at traffic signals

New bicycle symbols and radar sensors were installed on roads in Southern Utah by the Utah Department of Transportation Wednesday. This means no more waiting endlessly at intersections waiting for the light to turn green!


Bike sensors being installed in Southern Utah.

Bike sensors being installed in Southern Utah.

Despite what most people may think, traffic signals are activated by the metal content of cars, not weight. Cyclists don’t have enough metal on their bikes to trigger a magnetic field in the ground (too much carbon fiber). Thanks to this new change, cyclists will be detected on the radar and the light will turn green. Lastly, the painted bicycle symbol is a reminder to all motorists that they need to share the road. Hopefully we will see more of this new technology incorporated on our roads here in Salt Lake City and other areas throughout the state.

Photo: AP

The Giro d’Italia: That’s My Bike On TV!

As the world’s second most prestigious tour moves into it’s first full week of racing, we’ve already noticed a few familiar faces hanging out with the pros in the peloton. We’re not talking about the riders, we’re talking about the bikes and gear that they’re riding (we’re gear heads, that’s why we have a shop). It’s always fun to see what the pros are riding -especially when you carry the brands they’re using.

Let’s take a look at some of the bicycles and technology that have already made a mark in the 2014 Giro:

The Scott Foil

Svein Tuft, gave his team, ORICA-GreenEDGE a win at the opening team time trial held in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Not a bad way to celebrate the Canadian born rider’s 37th birthday. To celebrate, Scott decided to give him a very special Foil Team Edition decked out in Giro pink and complete with custom graphics.

Svein Tuft's special Scott Foil. Want to ride what Svein rides? come check out our selection of Foils on SALE! Photo: Caley Fretz I

Svein Tuft’s special Scott Foil. Want to ride what Svein rides? Come check out our selection of Foils on SALE! Photo: Caley Fretz I

The top tube grapic of Svein's Foil. It shows a profile of every stage in the Giro. The taller the bars, the harder the climbing.  Photo: Caley Fretz I

The top tube grapic of Svein’s Foil. It shows a profile of every stage in the Giro. The taller the bars, the harder the climbing. Photo: Caley Fretz I

Who else was given a special pink Foil? With the points garnered for his team from the Team Time Trial and his top ten finish in the second stage, Tuft’s teammate Michael Matthews has also been on top of a specially decked out Giro Foil as the race leader for the first six stages of the Giro.

Michael Matthews on his special Giro edition Scott Foil. Matthews is the leader after 4 stages of the tour.

Michael Matthews on his special Giro edition Scott Foil. Matthews is the leader after 6 stages of the tour.

You may remember a few weeks ago when we were lucky enough to grab some Scotts at a great price. We still have some left! And the Foil is one of them. As Scott’s aero road frame, the Foil has proven itself as a lightweight, fast road frame for the pros of ORICA-GreenEDGE. With the frame weighing in at only 980 grams and the fork at 390 grams, the Foil retains stiffness while still providing an awesome ride quality and a significant weight advantage by utilizing Scott’s HMF Carbon Fiber. Is it the perfect bike? Come in, ride one, and find out. 

Nate gives his approval of a sexy blacked-out Foil 15 with Ultegra DI2

Nate gives his approval of a sexy blacked-out Foil 15 with Ultegra DI2. He’s also just happy to be working.

With 30-40% off regular retail prices, these Foils won’t last another sunny weekend. Trust us.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! a DI2 Foil for under $3k? What crazy dimension am I in?!" -should be your response to seeing this bike.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! a DI2 Foil for under $3k? What crazy dimension am I in?!”-should be your response to seeing this bike.

You Can’t Talk About The Giro Without Mentioning Pinarello

Ahhhh. Nothing like Italian craftsmanship showcased in an Italian race. Like drinking a fine Chianti in the middle of the Tuscan hills that produced it, riding a Pinarello in the Giro d’Italia is pretty damn poetic. Team Sky must be a band of warrior-poets then because they’re lucky enough to be riding the absolutely stunning Pinarello Dogma 65.1 Think 2. The Dogma features an assymetrical design that helps minimize stress and flex on areas of the frame that are subject to heavier loads. The result is one of the smoothest riding yet responsive frames out there.

Team Sky Pinarello 2014 Dogma team bike

Team Sky Pinarello 2014 Dogma team bike

And what’s this? What did we spot on top of the Vittoria neutral support car’s rack? What is their bike of choice for helping riders from all teams neutrally? Looks like a Dogma to us. Neutral never looked so good:

The Vittoria Neutral Support Car's rack is full of Dogmas. Your Welcome, fallen riders.

The Vittoria Neutral Support Car’s rack is full of Dogmas. Your welcome, fallen riders.

The Super Sick SuperSix

Cannondale is also showing up in the 2014 Giro with their team riding the SuperSix Evo Hi-MODTeam. A bike that weighs an incredibly light 700 grams, yet has the best stiffness-to-weight ever recorded, at 142.3 Nm/deg/kg, the SuperSix Evo is a more than competent road race frame.

Ted King on his SuperSix Evo

Ted King on his SuperSix Evo

What else has been spotted so far?

We’ve seen some TIME Xpresso pedals on the bike of Team Colombia’s Fabio Duarte:

Photo: Timothy John I

Photo: Timothy John I

…A Garmin 500 on the bike of Omega Pharma-Quickstep’s Italian climber, Gianluca Brambilla:

Photo: Timothy John I

Photo: Timothy John I

…And a Garmin 510 on the bike of Lampre-Merida’s Jan Polnac:

Photo: Timothy John I

Photo: Timothy John I

Funny thing about Nick: give him a 510 box to hold and the kid smiles like the semi-senile greeter at Wallmart . We don't recommend trying to take it away though

Funny thing about Nick: give him a 510 box to hold and the kid smiles like the semi-senile greeter at Walmart . We don’t recommend trying to take it away though.

Get What The Pros Got

Watching the Giro d’Italia and seeing all the good stuff the pros are using is pretty exciting when, A) you know you can head down to your favorite friendly neighborhood bike shop and grab the same stuff for your bike, and B) you realize the pro you’re watching is riding the same frame you have.

That’s where we come in

We’re stoked to offer everything we’ve mentioned above. So if you find yourself molding TIME Xpresso pedals out of mashed potatoes during dinner…

…you know who to talk to.

So, as always, if you have any questions on anything highlighted here, stop in the shop or give us a call.

Remember: real men wear pink. Enjoy the Giro! Andiamo!

We Have Unbelievable Prices On Scotts !!!!!

scott logo

Are the extra exclamation points necessary? 

Lord yes. Why? Because we were lucky enough to grab a bunch of sweet Scott bikes at great deals. Which means we can offer them to you at great deals.  

Some of you might remember our sidewalk sale a couple weeks ago. If you were here, you know that most of the Scotts were going for 40-50% off of their regular retail price. It truly was epic. And I don’t use that word a lot. I’m pretty sure I saw a few of the pigs we keep (part of the forthcoming Contender Farm Initiative) sprout wings and fly their pretty pink butts out of their cozy pens atop Contender HQ. Because we have such a great relationship with Scott (seriously great. Like, there’s talk of moving in together and neither one of us even minds when the other uses their toothbrush) and because Scott bikes are amazing, we decided to bring in some of their most popular mountain and road bikes and have ourselves a little Saturday Morning Scott Bike Blowout. Well, it was a huge success- tons of lucky folks were able to get seriously amazing deals on bikes and we took another historic step to becoming your favorite, friendly neighborhood bike shop.

We were also lucky enough to have Scott bring down a bunch more bikes to offer you, the people, more choices on some great bikes at prices. It was a great way to easily save $500, $600 or even over $1000 on some incredible bikes. 

Julian and Nate Can't believe the friggin' sweet deal on a Scott 650

Julian and Nate Can’t believe the friggin’ sweet deal on a Scott Spark 650

Now, if you missed this cavalcade of historic pricing on some of the best bikes out there, don’t you fret. Scott was generous enough to leave some of these bikes with us and we are still offering them at great prices.

On the mountain side

We have Sparks (full suspension), Scales (hardtails in both 27.5″ and 29″ wheel options) and even a few Geniuses (Scott’s full suspension, all-mountain offering with a whopping 150mm of travel)

For the road

We have some Foils and CR1s -both are carbon road machines with great components and a reputation for speed and perfect handling.

So here’s the kicker

Scott is going to take all these beautiful bikes back very very soon! And when that happens, your chance to save some serious scratch on a new Scott bike for the spring disappears -just like these gorgeous spring days. That’s right, do you really want to wake up in July to 95 degree heat and no new bike?!?!?!? No. You don’t.

Come on in and take a look at what we have in a Scott bike while the gettin’ is-a-good! These bikes are marked down 40-50% off retail and once they’re gone, they’re gone.