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Staff Infection: Cody Wignall, aka The Big Wigs (VIDEO)

FACT: Being a Contender all-star is probably one of the best things you can do with your life. And our very own Cody Wignall is a shining example of this. The young man started at Contender when he was a mere 16 years old. Now, seven years and seven bikes later, he’s become one helluva Contender employee. The kid knows everything!

Let’s get to know the guy behind the guy behind the guy.

How did you happen to start at Contender so young?

I started riding road bikes a little and knew Ryan from the shop rides. When I found out I had to do community service for my high school and that doing flat repairs and learning the ropes at Contender would actually qualify, I jumped on board. When I turned sixteen, they took me on full time and I’ve been here ever since.

Cody and one of his favorite TIME frames, the VRS Vibraser. Look how happy he is.

Cody and one of his favorite TIME frames, the VRS Vibraser. Look how happy he is.

So this is literally the first job you’ve ever had?

Job? You mean I’m not still doing this as community service?

You are. Don’t expect a paycheck. Forget what I said.


Moving on….how long have you ridden? 

I started riding a road bike and showing up to the group rides in 2002. But I’ve been on a mountain bike forever. Everyday, after school, I’d try and do wheelies.

Do you ride road or mountain more? 

I prefer mountain. I hate cars and the bad drivers that drive them….badly.

How many bikes do you own? 

I have seven bikes, two classic Schwinns: a Stingray and a Collegiate, a cyclecross bike, a Pugsly snowbike, and then a couple mountain bikes and a road bike.

Do you have a favorite? 

The Pugsly -it turns heads.

Cody's favorite bike, his Pugsley. He calls it Pugs. we call that totes adorbs.

Cody’s favorite bike, his Pugsley. He calls it Pugs. We call that totes adorbs.

YOU turn heads, my friend. Where’s your favorite place to ride? 

I love riding Flying Dog in Park City. It gets you out of the way of everyone and there’s a beaver dam you ride past too. Pretty sweet stuff.


Cody showing off his Pugsley with Ryan and Alison.

Cody showing off his Pugsley with Ryan and Alison.


So what do you do when you’re not riding or [cough] volunteering at the shop? 

I do a little photography, I hike with the wonderful Emily [girlfriend], I’m taking business classes at SLCC and Blake is trying to teach me how to cook.

So what are some of your favorite things we carry? 

Anything TIME. I used to have two: a VRS Vibraser and a VXS. The new Skylon looks amazing.

I really Like Assos Clothing. I was lucky enough to visit their North American headquarters last month. I’ve always been a big fan but I think their stuff is pretty unique in the cycling world. They really innovate. I like their style too. You can tell a rider wearing Assos from a mile away. The T.equipe bib shorts are awesome. They’re the best bib short I’ve ever ridden in.

Cody refused to model these Assos T.equipe bibs.

Cody refused to model these Assos T.equipe bibs.

And I think Rolf Wheels are awesome too. They’re such a good value and it’s a great wheel. My favorite is the Vigor. For the money, it’s a good option because it works so well with the terrain we have here in SLC. It’s bullet proof and it gives you some aero ability too. Good wheel.

Cody does his best to dramatically present his favorite wheel: the  Rolf Vigor.

Cody does his best to dramatically present his favorite wheel: the Rolf Vigor.

But truly my favorite things at Contender are Ernie and Graham [Contender mechanic and proud new father -profile forthcoming]

To sum up, It’s just Graham. Zane’s a close second, though.

Anything else the people need to know? 

I’m part of a Schwinn gang. We like to cruise around downtown on the weekends.

Do you ever get into any gang fights or turf wars? 

No. We do bar spins though.

How close have any of you come to getting a tattoo of ‘Schwinn Gang 4 Life’ across your back? 

One of Cody's infamous Schwinns. If you see someone doing a wheelie on this bike, chances are it's the Big Wigs

One of Cody’s infamous Schwinns. If you see someone doing a wheelie on this bike, chances are it’s the Big Wigs

Not. Not close at all. That’s idiotic.

Ok, Wiggs, let’s cut the crap, time for some hard hitting questions: Rumor has it you’re really good at sax. 

Excuse me?

Sax: The saxophone. My sources tell me you can really blow. 

Yeah, well, I play sax on sax on sax on sax

Like Kanye? 

No, he makes stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks. Totally different.

So are you a sexy sax man?:

Yes. I’m the embodiment of everything sexy about the sax.

Any nicknames? 

My original nickname in the shop was Captain Wiggles. I think I’ve graduated to Big Wigs now.

Fitting for the man who is godfather to Ernie, Cyrus and Leo

I needed something commanding. The mutts respond to authoritative titles.

Cody showing off his wheelie skills. And our Contender kits.

Cody showing off his wheelie skills. And our Contender kits.

Have you ever considered staring in your own brand of motivational speaking videos?


I have the perfect tag line.

Lay it on me.

Picture it. Lights are dimmed in a packed conference hall. Spot lights scan the stage.You jump out from behind a giant poster of your head, playing an especially sexy sax solo. As the music swells and the audience’s applause becomes a deafening roar, you turn to your audience and say, “Dig the Wigs”.

What ensues thereupon can only be described as pure pandemonium. The Wigs is big, the Wigs is very, very big. 

It’s perfect.


Need a New Helmet? Have We Got A Deal For You!

Come in to Contender this Thursday, July 17th from 5pm until 7pm with your old, beat up (or beat down) helmet and get 25% off any Lazer helmet.

Look, we know a few of you have some nappy helmets. This is your chance to turn that embarrassment in to cash!

Our good friends at Lazer are going to be taking all the helmets traded in and completely recycling them.

That’s right! Any helmet that’s cracked, faded, or just ridiculously worn out can be traded in to be recycled and you get 25% off a gorgeously brand new Lazer Helmet.

We have old Lazer favorites like the Genesis and Helium as well as the brand new, super posh Z1

Even if you’re not in the market for a new lid, this is a great way to get rid of an old helmet and make sure it’s recycled.

So go grab your nasty old helmet and come see us this Thursday, from 5PM to 7PM!


The Tour So Far: Crashes, Casualties, and Unrequited Love (VIDEO)

PHOTO: Christophe Ena/AP

There’s a reason they call a rider’s attempt at the Tour a campaign, it can get bloody.

Already this year the Tour has suffered some heavy casualties. No doubt before the peloton rolls past the Champs-Elysees in a couple weeks, there will be more.

With Mark Cavendish crashing in the first stage, defending champion Chris Froome retiring his campaign during Stage 5 after having three crashes in two days and Alberto Contador out yesterday from a wreck that resulted in a broken tibia, it looks like current race leader, Italy’s Vincenzo Nibali is staring at a very possible Tour de France win.

-If he doesn’t crash or lose some crazy time in the Alp stages ahead.

Nibali’s two-and-a-half minute lead in the GC means a lot of folks are calling the Yellow Jersey his to lose.

Vincenzo Nibali is the current leader of the Tour. Photo: courtesy of London Evening Standard

Vincenzo Nibali is the current leader of the Tour. Photo: Courtesy of London Evening Standard

Since the focus of the Tour so far has been crash after crash after crash, we might as well take a look at some of the Tour’s biggest crashes in the past couple years:

Now, if the Italian does succeed in finishing first in Paris, there are already rumblings that he wouldn’t have really ‘earned’ his championship because of all the mayhem that plagued the first part of the Tour and the key riders that were taken out to let him slip into that yellow jersey a little more easily.

Nibali must be feeling like he gets no respect.

A feeling crystallized when he was denied a kiss by one of the podium girls after winning Stage 2:

Who doesn’t want to kiss an Italian?? Maybe if he wins the Tour she’ll give him a hearty pat on the back.

I guess we’ll see how well Nibali climbs in the Alps.


First Pics of Brand New TIME SKYLON And All The Deets You Can Handle


Whenever the French wizards over at TIME tell us that they have a new frame coming out, the reaction is not unlike that emitted from tween girls at a Beiber concert -usually a lot of screaming, fainting and crying with joy.

What can we say, we’re huge nerds fans when it comes to anything TIME.

Why? Because their frames are handmade works of art that also happen to sport some ridiculously impressive technology.

Named the Skylon, TIME’s new flagship is lighter, stiffer, more aero and sports a host of other truly remarkable features. Utilizing TIME’s strenuous RTM process (a manufacturing anomly in an industry obsessed with mass production and minimal labor investment), the new Skylon is built from a single piece -a change from previous TIME models that had the rear triangle butted into the main frame.

Speaking of the chainstays, the TIME Skylon is also sporting a new asymmetrical, monobloc chainstay constructed to increase rigidity and power transmission from hard working legs.

Infact, it seems like every trick TIME could use to stiffen the frame has been utilized. The larger tubing cross sections help quite a bit, not only by bettering strength and rigidity, but by allowing TIME to make the Skylon lighter as well.

TIME also lowered the Skylon’s headset bearing height by one-and-a-half inches, increasing stiffness and creating explicitly precise steering as well. For a brand that already handles like an F1 driver’s dream, that’s saying quite a bit.

And to that effect, TIME hasn’t forgotten their carte de visite; a ride that is stiff and responsive but still unbelievably smooth and refined. The Skylon utilizes Vectran fiber throughout the frame to keep things civilized when the road gets rough. Rest assured, however, that when an open road with a gorgeously winding decent presents itself, the Skylon will be begging to let it show you what it was built to do. If it were me, I’d listen.

TIME has also made the frame mechanical and electronic ready, with both options being routed internally.

Other notable features that round out the highlights are the Skylon’s carbon dropouts, a BB386 bottom bracket size and a zero offset aero seatpost.

Expect you’re favorite friendly neighborhood bike shop (aka: Contender) to have some frames available in the next couple of weeks in the matte white and gloss red color schemes pictured here.

As more frames and colors become available, we’ll definitely be the shop to call when that voice in you head starts to whisper ‘Skylon…’

Here's ERNIE! The dude needs treats in the biggest way.

Staff Infection, Adorable Edition: Ernie

For those who don’t know, Ernie is part of the canine trifecta that likes to hang out at Contender. About two years ago, Ryan and Alison rescued him with the help of the good people over at CAWS and the West Valley Animal ShelterAlison says that although Ernie was a ratted mess who seemed to have suffered a little too much neglect and outdoor living when animal services picked him up, he’s definitely living the high life now. I was impressed with Ernie the first time his huge ears and tiny body wobbled towards me and sniffed my leg. Talk about a little dude with a lot of personality. Amongst those in his elite inner circle, a common comparison made is between him and Yoda. I figured I’d sit down with the tiny fellow and a bag of treats to shoot some questions his way….

Like a king looking out from his throne, Ernie's keeping an eye on Syrus and Leo. Ernie notes that he, "jumped up there myself."

Like a king looking out from his throne, Ernie keeps an eye on Cyrus and Leo. Ernie notes that he, “jumped up there myself.”

So what kind of dog are you?

Hmm. Great question. I lead. I’m a leader and I’m a risk taker. I bark at reps I don’t like, I bark at bigger dogs and I’m constantly trying to jump onto things that I shouldn’t. That’s what I call risk. I mean, have you seen how small I am? Every dog is bigger than me. Have you seen my legs? I like to think I’m pushing past my limits. I like to look at things other dogs tell me I can’t jump onto, and then jump onto them. Or get someone to pick me up and put me on them. I’m pretty persuasive like that. Naturally the ladies love me.  Did you say you brought treats? Someone said you had treats. That’s honestly the only reason I’m here.

No, I meant, what breed are you?

Oh, right, I’m a corgi and something smaller. Not really sure. But let’s get back to the ladies. Like I said, they love me. I can’t help it if they’re like, OMG, that’s the cutest corgi ever. I’m always like, OMG, then give me some treats and let’s see how comfy that lap of yours is, mama. It’s my curse, really. That and these infernally short legs. But like I said, I make up for it. Like, right now I can tell you want to give me treats and scratch my back. Look how cute I am.

[Fighting the urge] I gotta keep this professional, buddy.

Dude, give in. Everybody does. Just love on me.

Let’s talk about special talents. I’ve heard you can poop while walking.

Really? It’s going to be that kind of interview, huh? Ok, so maybe that happens. I get excited, everybody does. It’s just that I tend to poop when I get excited. Can’t help it.

Is it true your ears go back when you’ve done something wrong?

I didn’t know I walked into Frost/Nixon. What are you, a lawyer?  Yeah, my ears go back a little. Who’s don’t? You’re telling me you’ve never walked through the living room and pooped, Ghandi? You’re going to sit here and tell me your ears didn’t go back when they caught you?

Ernie claims he has his learning permit. I've yet to uncover any documentation to prove or refute this

Ernie claims he has his learning permit. I’ve yet to uncover any documentation to prove or refute this.

Can’t say I’ve pooped in the living room, chief.

Right, stupid humans and their stupid indoor plumbing and stupid rules: “You’re dripping pee on the bed, get off. Stop barking at the vacuum. Don’t drink from the toilet” Well I’ve got news for you, I leak a little, the red suck-monster scares the crap out of me -literally. And here’s the best part, I CAN’T BLOODY REACH THE TOILET, OKAY?!

[ Long pause]

You alright? We need to take a break?

Did you want to wear me down? I told myself I wouldn’t do this [audible sniffle] -get emotional like this. My god man, you cut to the heart of it don’t you? That toilet thing just gets me. It’s a harsh reality of my life. I sit by and watch the other two, the taller ones [Cyrus and Leo], get all the free and interesting water they want from that shimmering porcelain grail. Imagine the barbarity as they walk by, the sweet sweet dew of success literally dripping off their smug chins. Me, staring up, asking, hey friend, what’s it like? What’s it taste like? It’s a vicious joke. [ heavy sobbing ]. I’m gonna need a treat.

Speaking of your size, A lot of people are surprised you can make it up the stairs.

A lot of people are looking to get their a** kicked. Treat, please.

I’m sorry little guy. I think we need to reset. Here’s a treat. Let’s talk about something a little happier. I heard you’re a big fan of the Strider bikes we have in the shop.

sobbing stops as he eats his treat ] Yeah….I….love those things.[ sniffle ] They’re the perfect size for me. I’m a big fan of Sigma Computers too.

One of Ernie's favorite pieces of gear at the shop: The Strider push bike.

One of Ernie’s favorite pieces of gear at the shop: The Strider push bike.

Why’s that? 

They gave me a hat. And treats.

Ernie's shameless promotion of Sigma cycling computers.

Ernie’s shameless promotion of Sigma cycling computers. Which we carry.

Rumor has it you might be training for your first triathlon. Care to comment? 

Ha! Where’d you hear that? I don’t really think I can comment on that right now.

So you’re saying the recent picture of you in a tri singlet is just a coincidence? 

ernie contender singlet

Where’d you get that? My publicist said he wasn’t putting that out yet. [to his entourage] Someone get Syd on the phone. And get me another treat. [turns back to me] Look, I’ll just say I dabble. I’ve been training. I do a lot of hot laps around the helmet displays at the shop.

Speaking of dabbling, do you always pee in the same spot? 

I’m glad you mentioned that. No. I like to mix it up. Sometimes I’m a carpet guy, other times I really appreciate the way a puddle looks on a quality hardwood -maybe cement. I like to think I’m thoughtful enough to appreciate that stuff. It’s probably why I get so many treats. Do you have more treats? Also, when I go outside, I like the way grass tickles my belly. It’s crazy relaxing. Kind of a Zen thing, you know?

What if the grass is damp? I heard you don’t like getting your paws wet. Some have even described you as a ‘metrosexual mutt’, is that accurate? 

It’s not inaccurate. Let’s say nicely quaffed, that’s better. I guess haters gonna hate. I’m gonna need a treat.

Who are your heroes? 

I know the PC thing is to say Lassie or Snoopy or whatever. But I’m going with James Brown. He was short, but he was the godfather of soul. I like to think I’m the dogfather of funk.

So you listen to a lot of James Brown?

At the end of the day, I like to just curl up with my boys, put on some James Brown, and think about the ladies, their laps, and the treats I’ve had.

Ernie and Syrus getting cozy

Ernie and Cyrus getting cozy

Well I think we’ve learned a lot today. Thanks for sitting down with me. You want me to lift you up so you can drink from the toilet? 

Yeah man, I do. It’s time daddy drank from the promised land.


Paralysed Martyn Ashton Inspires Homage (Video)

PHOTO: Courtesy Bike Magazine

Last September, Martyn Ashton, the legendary UK mountain bike trials rider and former World Champion, was finishing work on his second short film of trials style riding on a road bike, Road Bike Party 2 (embedded below), when a fall from a platform ten feet off the ground left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Falling backwards off a platform during a trials demo at the Animal WD40 Action Sports Tour, Ashton was airlifted to a local hospital where he spend the following six weeks recovering from the accident. In the interim, he grabbed some friends to help him finish the stunts in the video, which he edited and released earlier this year.

It’s pretty #$%&ing rad:

It turns out Ashton’s awesome stunts have inspired some folks out there. Especially a dude from Italy named Vittorio Brumotti, a trials star himself, who’s done his best to pay homage to the infamous Ashton by putting together his own little piece of road bike insanity that he just released:

Pretty amazing stuff to be riding around a working quarry, jumping onto bulldozers, and not even having to wear an orange safety vest. Italians are the coolest.

Brumotti is a big fan of Ashton. In fact, Brumotti says that, “Martyn was one of my inspirations and I was a huge fan of everything he did on Road Bike Party. My new film is my dedication to Martyn’s work.”

Brumotti is right to pay the man such high regard. All it takes is one look at Martyn Ashton’s Facebook posts, where he’s currently inspiring folks to try something that gets them out of their comfort zone before July, or even reading over a couple quotes about his accident and how he’s dealt with the aftermath, to realize he’s a particularly rare person. I’ve long held the belief that trials riders have a supreme ability to look at something -whether it’s terrain, an object, or a ridiculously precarious drop- and allow themselves to think positively enough about it that they pluck up some courage and go for it! Where most of us see an absolute no-pass-nightmare and go pedaling in the opposite direction, our heads full of self-doubt and negative talk, trials-minded folk will smile, hop on their bike and give it a shot. How would it be to have that outlook on things? I can’t help but think that attitude is helped Ashton during his recovery from the fall. It seems like it’s continuing to serve him well now with his new endeavors.

No doubt it’s been an adjustment, but judging by the photos of him hitting a velodrome on a hand cycle, swimming, rowing or trying out some canoeing, you can’t really say Ashton has slowed down.

All of us at Contender are huge fans of this guy. We’re excited to see what he does next.

jeff hero

A Very Special Staff Infection: Jeff Perry (Video)

We hate goodbyes. But they’re part of life. Things change, people move on and we get to watch them ride off into the sunset and bid them adios. It sucks, but so do flat tires. And we deal with those, get back on our bikes, and finish our ride. So I guess we’ll have to do that now too.

It turns out our very own, Jeff Perry, the man known for his love of 80′s bands, rocking shoe lace belts and who shames anyone else on the group ride when he busts out his sweet bike handling skills, is leaving in search of greener pastures to Minnesota. I was trying to think of a good Minnesota joke here and all I could think of was the Vikings. Sorry, Jeff. Since you’re leaving, I guess this will be the last time I let you down. Unlike the Vikings who will continue to do so. Hope your not a fan.

Before he leaves, we thought we’d spend some time with the man behind the myth. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting Mr. Jeff Perry:

Is Jeff holding up his favorite cross wheels from Stan's or have we just trained him to do tricks for treats like a seal?

Is Jeff holding up his favorite cross wheels from Stan’s or have we just trained him to do tricks for treats like a seal?

Where are you from? 

I’m from Waukon, Iowa. I got here back in ’95. I came out to snowboard. I’d been boarding since I was 15 so coming out here was a dream. I had been out twice before and loved it. I fell in love with the mountains and the snow was so great. So I had this opportunity to work as a maintenance guy in Park City which meant I got to board for free. That was the first season they allowed snowboarders at P.C.

So rumor has it that you were actually a pro snowboarder at one point. Is that true? What else are you hiding?!?!

Very true. I was a pro for a little over two years. When I came to Park City, I happened to ride with a bunch of guys that were really good and I had the opportunity to turn pro. But I was pretty low totem-pole. I didn’t really compete. I just traveled a lot for free and had a lot of fun. I competed in the half-pipe and slope style. That was the era before everyone had cameras attached to everything so I never was filmed; I never had that chance.

So there’s not pictures of a twenty-something Jeff wearing the latest ’90s snowboarding fashions? 

No comment.

You ARE hiding something! So what happened? When did you start riding bikes? 

I kept getting a bunch of knee injuries which meant I had to stop riding. I didn’t get on a bike until I was 31. My first bike was a jumping bike with five inches of travel. It was awesome. But I liked to climb up -so I always made sure it was light enough to get up the mountain too. Then I got an inexpensive crossbike for commuting and really lked it. Then I got talked into racing cross. I did five races in the C flight and they made me move up.

So you’re saying you dominated? 

I had a fifth place finish, two third place, and then I kept winning. So I got bumped up. I wouldn’t call it not dominating…

How long have you been at Contender? 

I’ve been here for a year and a half. I wish it was longer. I love it. I love teaching our spin classes in the winter. My favorite is making awesome 80′s mixes to listen too during the class.

Let’s hear about some of your hobbies

My wife Briana and my daughter Charlie. I love playing with my daughter; even though she’s kind of a crazy animal right now. She’s one and a half and she’s everywhere and into everything. Her favorite thing to do right now is point to stuff and ask, “What’s that?”

I used to coach kid’s snowboarding too. A couple of my kids even went pro. I was actually the legal guardian for Bode Merrill from when he was twelve to eighteen. He needed someone to sign wavers for him to enter contests so he basically lived with me. It’s been cool to see some of my kids grow up and turn pro. I still judge snowboarding for USASA too.

Other than that, when I get a chance, I like to go on surf trips. The coolest place I’ve surfed is Lower Trestles.

Also, wine and beer, that’s a hobby, right?

It was for Betty Ford. What are your favorite things that we carry at the shop? 

My favorite bike is the Cannondale Super X disc. I like it because of the low bottom bracket- it corners like it’s on rails. Plus it’s light. It feels little, like a BMX bike.

Mr. Perry gettin' all fierce with the Cannondale Super X disc.

Mr. Perry gettin’ fierce with the Cannondale Super X disc. Jeff looks cranky because we didn’t give him a treat promised from the last photo…

 I’m down with ProBar! I love their Fuel bars. They actually taste good so they keep me fueled on my long rides.

Jeff doing his best to frighten everyone into NOT buying ProBar Fuel bars...

Whoa, Jeff, these aren’t going well. We’re not trying to scare people. Let’s get a ProBar into you and try this again. Is that a gang sign?…

...And there we go.  That's a much less frightening endorsement. All he needed was a little ProBar Fuel goodness in his belly

…And there we go. That’s a much less frightening endorsement. All he needed was a little ProBar Fuel goodness in his belly.

I also love Stan’s No Tubes Cross wheels. You can actually ride them at a lower pressure during cross races so you get better traction and a better feel for the terrain.

What else are you into that isn’t cycling and snowboarding or the fam? 

I love 80′s stuff -movies, music- love it.

What’s your favorite 80′s movie then? 

I’d say North Shore or Rad. When I was young I wanted to be Rick Kane


Do you still say ‘rad’? 

Oh hell yeah. And before cross races I listen to the Rad soundtrack.

So what’s your favorite 80′s band? 

The Cure.

Were you a goth in highschool? 

No. I listened to Public Enemy.

Anybody ever call you a loose cannon? 

Yep. Nick [Contender employee who's profile is forthcoming] calls me a loose cannon all the time. You never know what I’m going to do next. I like anarchy. My wife agrees. But she’s a loose cannon too so we work well together.

Is that why you have shoelaces for belts? 

Nope. that’s just ’cause it’s easy -especially when I was fat. I’ve done it for ten years now.

So your wife hasn’t decided you need real belts? 

She has. I have two now. I only wear them to fancy events.

What kind of belt did you wear to Julian’s wedding? 


Anything to say about your upcoming move?

I feel like a hobbit going on an unexpected journey

Really? And the biggest difference between you and a hobbit is…? 

I have harrier feet

You are a loose cannon. But we will miss you. 

Assos North America

Assos North America Headquarters

Assos North America Headquarters

Since I started working for Contender Bicycles nearly 6 years ago, I have always been impressed with the quality and following Assos has at the shop. Year to year there seems to be a new product in the line that impresses any level of cyclist. Upon first laying eyes on the display and feeling the fabric, craftsmanship and quality incorporated in their clothing, I have always know that it is nice clothing from feeling the fabric and admiring the craftsmanship. However, I had never worn the clothing, only seen others wearing it and speaking very highly of it. That changed a week ago today as I was riding mountain bikes in Bromont, Canada with the Assos crew. I gained a new understanding of what the company is all about.

Ryan and Alison gave me a great opportunity to travel to Montreal, Canada to visit Assos North America and learn more about their clothing and the company’s rich history. If you are after a product that has been tested and proven to amplify your cycling experience, Assos is a no-brainer. From the comfort of their chamois’ to the outstanding durability of the clothing, Assos has pioneered a new way of how clothing should feel while riding your bike.

Upon arriving in Montreal Sunday afternoon, I didn’t have much time to explore the town since we would be headed to the office the following morning and later Bromont to go mountain biking and learn more about the company. I headed downtown Sunday evening to attend an amazing dinner with the rest of the individuals on the trip and covered a lot of ground by foot to explore as much as we could. Montreal is simply great. The town had a very European feel and every building was lit up to show off the architecture. Little to my knowledge, the F1 Grand Prix was being held in Montreal the day before I landed which meant for a very busy setting downtown. The street were lined with super-cars I had never seen before, checkered flags decorated the buildings and the town was buzzing with excitement. Kids were running around wearing their favorite Ferrari memorabilia, race cars rallied up and down the roads, and all the while I just sat back and grinning ear-to-ear. Here I was in town for a couple days and I get to witness the aftermath of one of the biggest sporting events in Canada at the time.

Montreal post F1.


After walking inside the Assos North America Headquarters in Montreal, I knew I was in for a treat. The Assos office features a showroom displaying all the clothing Assos has to offer. Just like anything Assos, the showroom was stunning and made me want to own one of everything. Among all the clothing were also a few items such as an Assos road bike frame, vintage titanium pedals Assos created in 1986, and espresso. Lots and lots of espresso. After seeing the clothing and gaining more knowledge on how they design and execute a near flawless design, I quickly began to understand why Assos is leading the pack in the cycling clothing industry.

If a product is not going to benefit the cyclist in the aspect of comfort, fit, style or durability, Assos will go back to the drawing board rather than releasing a product that isn’t quite up to speed. The company has access to fabrics and materials that other manufactures simply don’t, and the time and testing that goes into creating these products goes above and beyond what I ever imagined. While Assos seems to be the pinnacle of what you would expect from a cycling clothing manufacture, just wait until you see what is in store for the upcoming 2015 season. Taking a great idea to the next level is what Assos is all about, and they are doing just that for the upcoming season.

Assos Showroom



After touring the headquarters and processing everything I had learned about the clothing we shuttled off to Bromont, home of the Mountain Bike Downhill World Cup. I was lucky enough to ride a mountain bike through the twisty singletrack trails – the same trails the pro’s had conquered just a few years before. The riding was quite different than anything I was used to. The trails were technical with lots of roots and rocks to avoid which made it very fun to say the least. After returning back to the hotel, I enjoyed a very tasty Assos cookie that was made with perfection (just like the clothing) and attended dinner with everyone else who was on the trip. We spoke more about the company, our personal experiences with the company and the clothing and prepared for the ride in the morning. Unfortunately, the rain decided to damper our plans and I didn’t end up riding the second day, however that gave me time to try the local Poutine and get to the airport on time. Overall, the short trip felt a lot longer thanks to Assos! And like I mentioned before, stay tuned for 2015 Assos. You’re going to like the way you look.





zane hero

Staff Infection: Zane Enders (video)

When Zane Enders came on to Contender’s staff earlier this Spring, who knew he had so many talents? Not only is the young man ridiculously enthusiastic about riding his bike, but it turns out he’s particularly fast and commonly airborne on the ski slopes too.

AND, judging by at least one of his nicknames, he get’s along pretty well with the ladies.

Let’s take a closer look at the enigma that is Zane Enders:

Zane! Are you from Utah orginally? 

Yessir. Born and bred in Ogden and Pleasant View. I came down to Salt Lake for school. I’m studing Computer Science at the U. I’m nerding out.

Is that Mark Whalberg pimpin' some Assos T.equipe bib shorts? Nope. It's our very own Zane. Don't worry, folks make that mistake all the time.

Is that Mark Whalberg? Nope. It’s our Zane showing off one of his favorite bib shorts: the Assos T.equipe. Don’t worry, folks think he’s Funky Bunch all the time.

You must really like computers. Have you ever wanted to be Matthew Broderick in War Games? 

I absolutely have. I also thought the kid from Live Free or Die Hard was pretty cool too. He could hack into anything.

Have you ever hacked into anything? 

I jail-broke my iPod Touch…but I don’t think that counts.

So how long have you been riding bikes? 

I’ve been mountain biking since I was 13. My cousin, Lea Davison gave me a bike. She now rides for Specialized’s pro team. But that was my start. From there I was talked into doing the 24 Hours of Moab race when I was 14. It was a lot of fun. After that I did it six years in a row.

Your cousin rides for Specialized?!?! Very nice! How does it feel to be that close to fame? 

Well, there’s actually a YouTube video of me doing a jump at Mammoth Mountain. It went viral for a month. So I’m fairly famous too:

So (ahem) it looks like you ski a little too. I love that you’re viral. 

Yeah. My friends thought I was going to break my knees on that jump. I was the only one who did it. They were too scared. I ski raced for 10 years until I graduated high school. I did the Junior Olympics when I was 15 and I placed 3rd in the Western Regions for G.S. My dad’s had me skiing since I was two years old.

No road biking? 

Not yet. Growing up, my dad always thought it was too dangerous.

I get that, totally. Why risk the harm of doing 20ish miles an hour on a paved road when you could really play it safe and do ridiculous jumps at 60 mph off of mountains on your skis? Makes total sense. So what else do you do besides mountain bike and play it safe on the bunny slopes?

I recently got into Warhammer 40k. Yep, kind of a nerd.

Zane admits to playing this game. The nerd's faces have been cut out to protect them from cyberbullying

Zane admits to playing this game. The nerd’s faces in this photo have been cut out to protect them from cyber-bullying. Zane, however, should be bullied relentlessly.

Kind of? Is that like Dungeons and Dragons? Do you use a twelve-sided die? 

Kinda. It’s pretty interesting actually. It’s like, set in a dystopian science-fantasy universe and you have these miniature characters that you can buy and paint an–

–Let’s stop you right there. You are now a galactic nerd. Changing subjects completely,  what do you like that we carry in the shop? 

I really want a Pinarello Dogma XC. It looks so cool -not like anything else on the market. I love how the seat stays are separated.

Zane is a little too excited about the Pinarello Dogma XC. Not sure if you can blame him though

Zane is a little too excited about the Pinarello Dogma XC. Not sure if you can blame him though. Sooo many ladies wishing they were that bike right now…

I have an Osprey bag that I really like too. The back support is awesome and it has tons of pockets. The material is really durable. I’m rough on stuff. To quote my dad, I go through $#!+ like candy.

Do you like candy? 

Not really. Not much of a sweet tooth.

Zane or 'Zanye' to the ladies, letting everybody know that winners don't use drugs but they do use Osprey bags. Yeah!

Zane or ‘Zanye’ to the ladies, letting everybody know that winners don’t use drugs, and they pack their dreams into Osprey bags. Yeah!

I really want a pair of the Assos shorts; the T.équipes. I’m sold on the chamois they’ve built into that. I love lightweight, race-y stuff and those shorts are designed to be raced in.

So I know we have a couple nick names for you at the shop: Zané, Ender’s Zane, Easy Z, Dwayne Zane, Zanetopia, Zanye (like Kanye; obviously our apologies to Kanye), Zanskrit, The Ender from Contender. Fort Zane -the list LITERALLY goes on forever- My question is this: Have you ever had a nick name before working here? 

Yeah. A girl called me Loverboy in high school.

That’s because you’re irresistible. One last question I know everyone wants to know, why did your parents name you Zane? 

They’ve never really had an answer

Well it’s equal parts mysterious and classy. It fits you well.