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Diane’s Oceanside 70.3 Race Report

Ironman 70.3 OceansideDiane Tracy, a good friend of the shop and a 2013 Contender Club member was down in sunny Oceanside California over the weekend for the Ironman 70.3 Oceanside.  As a seasoned triathlete, we asked her to put together a brief race report on both the course of the Oceanside event as well as her new bike.  For those that do not know, Diane is riding on a modified version of a “hilly course tri bike.”  A Scott Foil 15, complete with the new Profile Design Aeria, a Sram Quarq, and of course a Di2 setup.  Quite an amazing bike.  Below is her race report that she was gracious enough to put together for us:

Oceanside is easy to get around, the registration site and athlete village were good being so close to the pier and downtown.  At this race in particular, we don’t put any gear or bags in transition the night before as is customary for many Ironman events, instead transition opens extremely early race day so athletes can drop off their gear.

Race morning: Outside air temperature was 60 degrees with no wind.  You drop off your run bag with all your running gear in Transition 2 (T2), then many people get on their bike and carry their bike and swim gear to Transition 1(T1).  T1 was well organized and the bike spaces were not too cramped, they let you spread out your gear.  The professionals go out first and there is enough time between other groups start times to watch them get out of the swim.

Swim: The ocean swim was nice in the protected bay, salt water did not bother me at all and water temperature was about 61 degrees.

Bike: The bike course was challenging as it winds through the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.  You had to pay attention for bumps, pot holes, street markers, and other issues.  Once on the base we started climbing, the pictures simply don’t do the hills justice.  The electronic shifting was great, I monitored power, cadence and gears trying to stay in my power zone.  Our attention to weight when we put the bike together paid off on the hills and during the bike I passed just under 300 people!  The bike itself was stable and fast on the long descents that follow the climbs and it absorbed lots of the road shock, so I wasn’t beat up when I started the run.   Creating a “hilly course” tri bike worked well for me, I plan to use it for the St George 70.3 and Coeur d’ Alene Ironman.

Run: The run was a little warm but the sea breeze and plenty of well stocked aid stations helped a ton. I would definitely recommend this race.


Over the years we can’t tell you the number of ridiculous stories that we have heard that start with “I was just riding along”. However, this one is legitimate. Mulvihill might just have too much power.


Contender’s National Champs

Resident God Father of Cyclo-cross Lou Rollins claimed the National Championship recently in Madison Wisconsin.  This is Lou’s second national title.  Lou is quite the conqueror when it comes to the dirt.

Also securing the National title in her category was Kris Walker.  She pretty much ran away with many of the Utah races and she brought the goods to the big time.   Congratulations to you both and thanks for representing Contender bicycles at Nationals.

Your National Champs Lou Rollins and Kris Walker

Take a walk on the wild side with Lou, Reed

You’re my boy Lou!

All hands on deck!

It’s the fourth quarter, bottom of the ninth, the last kilometer and we’re down. Down about 81 team points to be exact. We need our troops to bring the ruckus to wheeler on Sat. Remember no matter what category you race your points count. How can I step it up even more you ask? Race more than one race. Do the single speed race, the masters race, B race, or whatever. At the end of the day if we want to keep this title we’re going to have to earn it. See you Saturday at the farm.

The fruits of our 2010 labor

The fruits of our 2010 labor

Now is the winter of our discontent. It’s just cross people

Yes we’ve got snow, yes it’s cold, and yes my jean jacket isn’t as insulating as I thought it would be but let’s get real. Cyclo-crossers unite and tough this sort of thing out. They did in Heber on Saturday and I’ve got the pictures to prove it. As you may know the Contender armada was only a few points away from the team overall lead going into Saturday so keep an eye out to see if we made the leap.

Thunder from Down under Dylan in the mix

Thunder from Down under Dylan in the mix

Is Reed wearing sweat pants in this picture?

Is Reed wearing sweat pants in this picture?