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Throwback Thursday – Ryan Littlefield

This week’s Throwback Thursday goes to Ryan Littlefield and the 1987 Brighton High School Yearbook. As a sophomore in high school, Ryan was already wearing spandex. The caption reads “A couple of bikers take a break to chat with some friends at a football game. It often seemed that more people went to games to have fun with their friends than to watch the game.” Ryan is sitting on the ground while his friend is standing over Ryan’s bike, a Schwinn Super Sport. The look is accentuated with his Duegi cycling shoes and the classic Cinelli cycling cap with the brim up and the bangs out. Ryan was riding with his friend Adam who sported Campagnolo cycling shorts and a sweet bandana.

Ryan Littlefield

How Much Do You Love Your Bicycle?

How Much Do You Love Your Bicycle?



Submit a photo of how much you LOVE your bicycle to and win a $50 gift card to Contender Bicycles.

You can submit a photo on Instagram too, just use hashtag #contenderlove.

Be creative and show that bike some good lovin’.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

The beauty of Utah

There will always be something to criticize no matter where you live. Lately it has been easy to get down on Utah when you look at the air quality in our valley or our never ending conflicts in politics. But at the end of the day you have to love Utah. At least I do. I cannot think of a state where there is so much at your fingertips within such a short distance.

Ski & Shred

Ski & Shred

Snow Biking SLC

Snow bikes are on the rise as you see more and more on our local trails these days.  No matter the conditions, you are always sure to have a great time riding in cleaner air above the city.  The bikes handle very well, get plenty of traction and will offer a great workout in a short amount of time.  Whether you ride Shoreline Trail, Pipeline or Round Valley in Park City, you are sure to have a big smile on your face as you pedal away through the snow and enjoy all the great trails you are used to in the summer months.

Round Valley Park City

Round Valley Park City

Ryan and Nick pedaled their snow bikes through three different counties this past weekend during a long ride that started up Big Mountain and ended in Park City.  Salt Lake County, Morgan County and finally Summit County were covered as they glided the snow bikes along beautiful groomed roads.  Check out some of these photos!

Nick - Morgan County

Nick – Morgan County

Nick - Salt Lake County

Nick – Salt Lake County

Ryan - Summit County

Ryan – Summit County

Come down to Contender anytime to check out some snow bikes and learn more about this fun winter activity.

Bill’s Holiday Gift Pick!

If you live in Utah you already know how cold the temperatures drop during the winter season.  Bill Sherman picked the Giordana Knitted Neck Gaiter as a perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season.  If you have a cold commute in the morning, ski on the weekends or decide to brave the cold on your bicycle, this versatile neck gaiter is sure to protect you from the elements.  Bill uses the Giordana Knitted Neck Gaiter every morning during his ride to work and would definitely recommend this piece to anyone.

Giordana Knitted Neck Gaiter

Giordana Knitted Neck Gaiter

If you are after one more item to stash in a stocking this christmas, Bill recommends the new apples & cinnamon Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix.  Designed to be consumed with warm or hot water, this all new flavor is a great choice for all the riders out there who want to stay warm and hydrated.  Skratch Exercise Hydration will replace both the fluid and electrolytes you lose in sweat while providing enough calories to help fuel working muscles.  Containing no artificial colors or preservatives and flavored only with real apples and cinnamon, this hot drink mix won’t upset your stomach or leave a bad taste in your mouth.   Stay tuned for more great gift ideas from the rest of the Contender crew!

Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration

Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration

Fat Bike – Season Never Ends


Stop wondering what its like and just do it. It’s fun and as easy as riding, well,
a bicycle. If you thought your 29er had a plush ride just wait until you get these
comical tires under you. Don’t let your riding season end with winter. We now
have a full demo fleet of the Charge:Cooker Maxi. Come down to the shop and take
one out: $40 per day that is fully refundable if you choose to buy one.