Scott Genius 930

2016 Scott Genius 930

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The Scott Genius 930 is made from a very light 6061 custom alloy and equipped with Twinloc technology to make it the ultimate trail bike.

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Scott knows how to make a fast and fun trail bike as is shown with this year’s Genius 930. Built with an aluminum frame this Genius competes with its carbon counterparts in all aspects with just a little added weight. With a Genius 930 the same great geometry and handling characteristics are present without the superbike price tag. Its 29 inch wheels roll very well over a wide variety of trail surfaces while maintaining speed like no other wheel size. The Syncro alloy wheelset is attached to the Genius with thru-axles front and back for the improved lateral stiffness and greater directional control that gives this bike pinpoint accuracy out on the trail. Aiding the efforts of these taller wheels is 140mm of adjustable travel courtesy of Fox. The suspension is dialed in to give the Genius a responsive yet fun ride on everything from long climbs to rough descents. Shimano provides their SLX and XT components to grace this bike with smooth shifting and great stopping power. These attributes allow you to ride fast and keep coming back for more aboard the Scott Genius 930.

This is one of their most popular bikes for a reason, it has an ability to climb quickly and descend rapidly without the over-sensitive ride of a cross country bike. An aluminum frame and swingarm are used on the 930 to bring great performance in at a nice price and only a little added weight. Quality Shimano components have been chosen with a SLX and XT drivetrain providing great shifting and a wide range of gear choices suited to the “ride anywhere” nature of the Genius.  Scott includes their TwinLoc remote lever to activate the front and rear Fox suspension through three distinct travel modes. Choosing climb, trail or descend modes actually changes the amount of travel available greatly assists in getting up those long ascents. A set of Syncros alloy wheels roll Shimano hubs and come to a stop easily with a squeeze of the SLX brake levers. Scott stocks the Genius 930 with their Syncros brand alloy bars and stem to further improve its bottom line. Another great feature is the the inclusion of a dropper seatpost, allowing the seat to be lowered when negotiating daunting descents. Check out the Scott Genius 930 and you will soon be attacking the trails like never before.


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