Assos Chamois Creme

Assos Chamois Creme


Riding with chamois cream is simply a must and Assos Chamois Cream is the creme de la creme.

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If you have ever experienced chafing, a saddle sore or even general discomfort on the saddle, you probably know and understand the benefits of using chamois cream. Chamois cream is designed to reduce friction, keep your skin cooler, prevent infection and have antibacterial properties. So the question now becomes, why Assos Chamois Cream? Just as their clothing is at the pinnacle of cycling apparel, Assos’s chamois cream represents the creme de la creme. Once applied, the chamois cream works beautfiully reducing friction without making you feel greasy or slimy. With a light and balanced smell, odor doesn’t linger in the chamois following washing. Assos recommends applying directly to the skin (avoiding intimate areas) before each ride. They even mention applying a thin layer onto the chamois following laundering to maintain suppleness, elasticity and antibacterial properties.


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