assos SS.LAALALAIJERSEY_EVO7 volt yellow
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Assos SS.laalalaiJersey Evo7 Jersey


The Assos SS.laalalaiJersey_evo7 for women is engineered for the hottest days of the year, where staying dry and comfortable is crucial for a successful, enjoyable ride. With a careful design and technical materials, this jersey will keep you comfortably pedaling under the heat of the summer sun.



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An Assos specific fabric, Type.002, is the main fabric used in the construction of this jersey. It is known for its excellent elasticity and comfortable feel against the skin. Its elasticity especially comes into play over long rides, gently supporting your muscles to protect them from energy loss and premature fatigue. At the rear of the SS.laalalaiJersey Evo7 jersey, Assos placed a back panel made from their Type.220 material, known for its lightness and structure. It allows the garment to breathe and ventilate to release hot air so you stay cool. It also gives the garment structure to prevent sagging or shifting under heavily loaded back jersey pockets.

The fit of this jersey is anatomically shaped for the female body. It does this with pre-shaped fabric panels that contour to the female shape, leading to more comfort and more support of your upper body as you ride. You can move freely in the saddle without feeling restriction from the jersey to give you optimal comfort whether you are down in the drops or sitting upright. Finishing touches on the jersey include a full-front zipper, three rear jersey pockets to hold your gear as you ride, and reflective accents to help you safely ride in low-light situations. And for extra style, Assos has used their signature blocks on this jersey, the first time they have been used on a female specific jersey. These blocks signal to others that you know and appreciate quality craftsmanship in cycling apparel.

The Assos SS.laalalaiJersey Evo7 Jersey is available in five sizes, X-Small – X-Large. It is offered in three colors: Volt Yellow, Block Black, and National Red.


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