Assos T cento s7 Bib Shorts
Assos T cento s7 Bib ShortsAssos T cento s7 Bib ShortsAssos T cento s7 Bib Shorts

Assos T.cento_s7 Bib Shorts


Ideally suited for a more robust body type, the Assos T cento s7 Bib Shorts are great for long distance rides or anyone after a less res



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While containing the same leg circumference and length as the T.equipe, the Assos T cento s7 Bib Shorts feature less compression than other shorts in the s7 line. On our rides, we’ve found this translates to a fit that’s less restrictive overall -perfect for a long day in the saddle or for any rider who may be built with a bit more brawn.

We get asked in the shop all the time: What makes and Assos chamois better than all the rest? Our answer is always the same: Try it on! You’ll quickly realize they’re a bit different than your average bib. Specific to the T.cento is an all-new ergonomic chamois that uses a higher density memory foam specifically designed for long ride comfort; making it a ridiculously cozy place to park your keister for a century ride.


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