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Billed Assos entry-level short, the Assos T.milleShorts_s7 surpasses entry-level performance and comfort as you ride with its attention to detail.



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Road bike or mountain bike, the versatile Assos T.milleShorts_s7 delivers high performance in virtually any cycling discipline. The bib short starts with Assos Type.439 material that offers compression to the legs to support your muscles and prevent fatigue, with the fabric having higher elasticity when stretched and higher resilience when compressed. The fabric uses an anti-bacterial treatment which lengthens the life of the fabric, prevents against odors, and gives a higher abrasion resistance. Assos also uses its IceColor treatment to allow the black fabric to reflect sunlight to keep your leg muscles at a comfortable temperature as you ride.

This bib short features the MILLE_S7 seat pad. It is 3-layer chamois pad which boasts an abrasion resistant top layer, a perforated foam middle layer to reduce weight and improve breathability, and a dense, memory foam bottom layer that absorbs shock and fills in the gap between the rider’s anatomy and the chamois when weight shifts or pedaling position changes. Generous in size, this chamois is perfect for beginning as well as seasoned riders.

To prevent against restriction at the waist, the Assos T.milleShorts_s7 uses a loose fitting waist to allow you to comfortably move. Ample support is given by the bib short’s elastic straps, holding the shorts securely in place without friction or chafing at the shoulders. Wide, elastic grippers are used on each leg to also keep the short securely in place while pedaling and moving in the saddle. As a final touch, the bib shorts use reflective elements to keep you visible to others during low-lights hours.

The Assos T.milleShorts_s7 is available in seven sizes, X-Small – TIR. It is available in the color Black.


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