BMC Timemachine 01 Sram Red eTap
BMC Timemachine 01 Sram Red eTap Cockpit DetailBMC Timemachine 01 Sram Red eTap Frontal View

BMC Timemachine 01 Sram Red eTap


The BMC Timemachine 01 Sram Red eTap offers advanced aerodynamics blended with supreme fit adjustability for time trials and triathlons alike.

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Product Description

There are few bikes in history as groundbreaking as the BMC Timemachine. Initially launched in 2006, the Timemachine was truly in a class of its own. In a day when many were still using alloy frames or traditional carbon fiber construction, the Timemachine’s carbon tube shaping took futuristic to an extreme.  The word extreme could be applied to other parts of the bike, as well.  Each Timemachine was handcrafted in Switzerland.  Each Timemachine was custom sized to its rider.  And each Timemachine was EXPENSIVE.  The original Timemachine not only made waves, but it set design standards (such as hinged forks) that are still used today. The 2017 BMC Timemachine 01 Sram Red eTap is the third generation Timemachine, and is the epitome of fit and function.

The Timemachine legacy is significant, and BMC doesn’t take this lightly.  BMC began the design process four years prior to launching the bike, ensuring the latest Timemachine is as advanced, and as fit-optimized as possible.  BMC’s P2P (position to perform) approach to design ensures a wide range of riders will fit, and fit well, on the Timemachine.  Being in a strong and comfortable position is key to winning time trials (as BMC has dominated in the last several years).  this, however, is the limitation with the previous Timemachine – its fit is optimized for a time trial position, leaving triathletes having to “make the fit work.”

The NEW Timemachine is different. In BMC-speak, it is “triathlon optimized.”  Yes it’s blazing fast in a time trial, and you can bet the BMC Racing Team will continue its time trial domination in 2017.  But the key to making the fastest triathlon bike is not only making it stable in crosswinds, and aerodynamically advanced in a straight line, but making each and every rider’s setup equally fast.  To achieve this without funky add-ons, BMC uses two proprietary handlebar/stem setups, each with its own built-in adjustability.  For aggressive fits and time trials, BMC offers a full-carbon flat cockpit.  For those looking for a higher bar setup, BMC offers (and includes with all stock bikes) a proprietary v-shaped bar, that elevates both the base bar and aero bars in an aerodynamically sound way.  The second significant component to achieving supreme fit-adjustability is the dual-position seatpost.  The BMC Timemachine offers, essentially, two seattubes for the seatpost to mount in.  For triathlons, move the post to the forward position.  For time trials, use the rear position.  This allows the new Timemachine to not only be a go-to for two completely unique disciplines, but also be fully UCI-compliant in all frame sizes (requires the use of rear seatpost position).  This is something other notable tri bike manufacturers cannot claim.

The new BMC Timemachine 01 Sram Red eTap offers other free-speed features as well, including redesigned, hidden brakes, a proprietary hinged fork, and a built-in storage compartment.  BMC continues offering four sizes for the Timemachine – Small, Medium Short, Medium Long, and Large.  The BMC Timemachine 01 Sram Red eTap comes in a Black/Yellow finish, with a full Sram Red eTap build kit, and Zipp 404/808 Firecrest wheels.  The complete bike comes with BMC’s proprietary V-shaped base bar and extensions, but the flat bar can be ordered as well.

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