Continental X King 29 Protection Folding Tire

Continental X King Protection Folding Tire


If you are in need of extra grip and durability, the Continental X King Protection Folding Tire has you covered.



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Ride under any trail conditions with the hybrid tread of the Continental X King Protection Folding Tire. The tread uses extra-longer shoulder lugs to provide optimal traction for cornering. Offset, lowered, symmetrical lugs are in the center tread for speed over fast terrain with better grip for more responsive braking. Between the center and shoulder lugs is a column of transitional lugs that gives more stability in wet conditions and under weight transfers on the bike. The Black Chili rubber compound gives the tires extra grip and durability while also decreasing rolling resistance. Using the ProTection casing, these tires have 4 fabric piles and a 240 TPI for a long-lasting, durable product. Lastly, adding to their versatility, the tire uses RTR tubeless technology for compatibility with UST and tubeless ready rims. The Continental X King Protection Tire is a folding bead tire. It comes in a 27.5 and 29 with widths of 2.2 in and 2.4 in.


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