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Faraday Bikes Porteur E-Bike


The Faraday Bikes Porteur E-Bike offers electric-pedal-assist convenience in an elegantly integrated package.



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One of our favorite solutions to sitting in rush-hour traffic is riding our bike to work, and E-Bikes have made commuting much more practical. Faraday is named after Michael Faraday (Tesla car fans may see a theme here), and the company’s sole focus is on building great electric-assist bicycles. The Faraday Bikes Porteur E-Bike is their flagship model, and put the San Francisco-based company on the map. There are a number of E-Bike solutions currently on the market, but most are clunky or ultra-modern looking. The Porteur is neither. With classic lines and two very classy colors, the Porteur looks equally good cruising around town in jeans as it does commuting to work in a sport coat. Faraday spent considerable effort integrating its E-Bike functionality, actually enhancing the bike aesthetics.  The battery slides into the downtube, the “brain” is built into the back of the seattube, and a beautiful, aluminum headlight is integrated into a custom-made handlebar.

With Faraday’s approach to beautiful styling, it’s great to see the performance details integrated into the Porteur. A major disadvantage of most E-Bikes is total bike weight. It’s common to see normal E-Bike-weights of around 60 pounds, three times that of a normal bike. Faraday engineered the Porteur to weigh less than 40 pounds, through the use of a small, efficient battery, motor, and other lightweight features. In fact, at just a few pounds heavier than a non-E-Bike, the Porteur pedals reasonably well even with the motor in “off” mode, and handles beautifully. Because this is Faraday, E-Bike functionality is essential.  An efficient 250 watt hub-mounted motor propels the Porteur with two different assist modes – Standard and Boost.  Its built-in battery is good for around 20 miles of use, and can be fully charged in 3 hours. This makes the Porteur ideal for trips around town and all but the longest commutes.

The finishing kit on the Faraday Bikes Porteur E-Bike is first class.  The chromoly frame is finished in either British Racing Green, or Classic White. Polished aluminum parts adorn the Porteur, including a custom aluminum handlebar with a built-in LED headlight.  To compliment the classic styling and protect its user from from road spray, a set of custom, bamboo fenders come standard.  A Shimano Alfine 8 internally geared hub is driven by a Gates belt drive system, meaning no grease or oil to worry about.  Finally, Faraday offers numerous accessories that can be fitted to the Porteur, including a custom-designed, color-matched front rack.

The Faraday Bikes Porteur E-Bike comes in three sizes, Small, Medium, and Large, and can be purchased in two colors, Classic White and British Racing Green.  For questions about Faraday Bikes, their bike accessories, or for ordering, shoot us an email at info@contenderbicycles.com or give us a call at the shop.




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