Fizik Cyrano Bull Handlebar R3

Fizik Cyrano Bull Handlebar R3


Fizik introduced the Cyrano component lineup to help you find the best options for you and your bicycle based upon flexibility and spine type. The Fizik Cyrano Bull Handlebar R3 was specifically designed for those with poor flexibility, especailly while in the riding position.

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Composed of lightweight aluminum, the Fizik Cyrano Bull Handlebar R3 is an incredible value for a lightweight durable road bar. If you find yourself racing, the outstanding longevity while being exposed to crashes is hard to top with a strong aluminum handlebar like the Cyrano Bull. On a size 42 bar, the drop measures 130mm, the reach measures 80mm, and the weight is 245 grams. Compared to the Chameleon and Snake handlebar, the Bull offers a shorter reach while in the drops creating a much easier fit for those who are not as flexible. The bar is available in four sizes and the color matte black.


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