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Fizik Cyrano R5 Handlebar Bull


The Fizik Cyrano R5 Handlebar Bull is specifically designed for those who do not have a lot of flexibility and to help reduce fatigue.



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The Fizik Cyrano R5 Handlebar is made in three different models and in three different shapes that fit different riders flexibility according to Fizik’s Spine Concept system.  The bull system which is specific to this handlebar is for those riders who are not very flexible in the spine.  To find out if you need the Bull fit system you can simply keep your legs straight and shoulder width apart and reach down to try and touch your toes.  If your back is at a 90 degree angle or more then you are in need of the Bull fit system.

The shape of the tops, hoods and drops are specifically designed to give you a smooth transition in between each riding position.  The Cyrano R5 is made with a high density Anticordial aluminum that gives you optimal stiffness and durability.  The Anticordial aluminum has good resistance to vibrations and bumps in the road, making you more comfortable on your longer training rides.

The Cyrano R5 weighs 310g and is available in three sizes, 40mm, 42mm and 44mm.


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