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Pinarello GAN S Ultegra Bike


Move up to a world-class ride when you make a Pinarello GAN S Ultegra Bike your next road bike.



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Pinarello wants you to experience the excellent ride quality and performance that their Gan S road bike delivers. Taking cues from its world-class siblings, the Pinarello GAN S Ultegra Bike comes from the same molds as the Gan RS but with a different carbon composition. These slight changes grace the Gan S with a more compliant ride and allow Pinarello to offer a complete bike at a lower price than their super-bike framesets. Evident in the Gan S is the Pinarello penchant for smooth aerodynamics, to give it wind-cheating capabilities, along with power-balancing asymmetry throughout the frame and fork. This unique frame design connects the rider with the road while attenuating energy-zapping vibration and translating every pedal-stroke into forward movement. Particularly suited for those of us that don’t race on the road a Gan S incorporates these features and improves upon them with a more supple ride quality and friendlier price tag.

With a race-winning pedigree and aesthetics to match the Pinarello Gan S is a pro-style bike for the rest of us. What were once revolutionary advancements in frame design are now available in the more price-sensitive Gan S. As Pinarello moves forward with making bikes for the world’s best racers they can take what they have already created and produce a great bike for the masses. Built with a Shimano Ultegra 11-speed drivetrain and Mavic wheelset Gan S road bike that takes the best of Pinarello engineering and wraps it up into a nicely priced package. Pinarello accomplishes this through utilizing the same molds as their Gan RS but laying-up the frame with a more cost-effective carbon variant. In doing so the rider gets to enjoy an amazing ride quality, combining the surefooted stability Pinarello has come to be known for with a softer ride for those of us that would rather pedal for hours then sprint for minutes. This re-configured fabrication feels more comfortable on rough roads while still having the ability to leap forward when you want to stand up and go. Also, the Gan S is produced in a copious number of sizes so any rider is sure to find one that fits them very well. Step up to an exceptional ride when choosing the Pinarello Gan S as your next road bike.

The Pinarello Gan S Ultegra comes with a full Shimano Ultegra drivetrain and Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels. Three colorways are available with black/red, black/white shiny or black/fluo.


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