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PRO Turnix AF Saddle


Your quads might be sore but not your sit bones after a ride on the PRO Turnix AF saddle. With comfort and stability, this saddle allows for a smooth ride.

Built for “neutral” riders who move a bit in the saddle, this saddle offers a secure ride. It has a low, flat profile with a slight curve up at the rear, helpful for climbing. A narrow nose gives ample leg clearance pedaling and creates no friction against the saddle. A cut out allows for flex, ventilation and blood flow.

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Product Description

Weighing in at 205g, the saddle is constructed with titanium rails and a carbon reinforced nylon base. The rails enter the base at the rear of the saddle in two molded wing sections, 132mm or 142mm in size. The construction allows the saddle to flex, absorbing road bumps and smoothing the ride. A very light, high density EVA foam padding lines the top of the saddle, cushioning your ride. The saddle is covered in a durable leather that offers enough texture to keep you from sliding in the saddle during wet conditions.

The Turnix AF saddle is available in two sizes, 132mm and 142mm. It is available in two colors, White and Black, which contributes to its sleek, minimalistic style.


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