SRAM RED eTap Wireless Aero Kit
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SRAM RED eTap Wireless Aero Kit


SRAM RED eTap Wireless Aero Kit takes a giant leap forward in drivetrain technology. No longer encumbered by wires linking shifters to derailleurs SRAM has been able to revolution how your shift.

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The new SRAM RED eTap Wireless Aero Kit is more a revolution in shifting than simply a new road group. By eliminating the wires and cables (other than those going from the Blips to the Blip box, and the brake cables) setting up your bikes, especially the highly integrated and aero time trial/triathlon bikes on the market these days has never been easier. Simply attach and adjust the derailleurs, attach the Blip Box to your stem and “Blip” shifter to your bars and you are ready to roll, skilled mechanics have been known to set up the system is as little as 5min. The biggest improvement though is the revolutionary new way to shift that going wireless has allowed SRAM to implement. Press one Blip and the system shifts up the cassette, the other and the system shifts down, press both at the same time to shift chainrings. Shifting has never been more intuitive. With the ability to run up to 4 Blips (two per side) there are endless shifting configuration possible to match your riding style and set up.

For those hoping to upgrade to SRAM’s eTap on their road bike the Aero Kit can easily be used in conjunction with your current STI levers, as brake levers, with Blips located on the inside of the drops (akin to “sprint shifters”) until eTap Shifters become more readily available.

The SRAM RED eTap Wireless Aero Kit comes with everything you need to upgrade your current Tri/TT bike to wireless shifting:

4x SRAM eTap Blips (650mm wires)

1x SRAM eTap BlipBox

1x SRAM eTap Front Derailleur w/ battery

1x SRAM eTap Rear Derailleur w/ battery

1x SRAM eTap Firmware Update USB Dongle

1x SRAM eTap Batter Charger.


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