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Built by hand. Made in France.

At Contender Bicycles, our best tools for selling TIME bikes are the people who ride them. Based on experiences of our staff and many happy customers, we know that a TIME’s ability to buffer the road’s imperfections and to deliver rider confidence on all types of terrain cannot be duplicated.

2015 brought the release of the new flagship TIME Skylon frame and the game changing TIME Aktiv fork. Combine them with the TIME Skylon Aktiv and you have a stiff and responsive race machine with the smooth and refined ride quality only found with a TIME bike. TIME is back at the helm of cycling technology.

TIME has long been at the forefront of vibration control in bicycle frames. In the beginning, the carbon frame was were this attention was focused. Later, they used different materials in the woven carbon like Vectran to help improve carbons ability to dampen vibration. When other brands were still touting metal frames as best in class, TIME was researching various methods to take it their composite frames a step further. In 2008, TIME’s filed for a patent with the concepts behind the Aktiv fork.

The Aktiv fork’s goal is to take ride quality to another level through an internal mechanism known as a tuned mass damper. The movement of the damper itself is designed to absorb or dissipate (or cancel) the unwanted vibration. In the Aktiv fork’s case, this is a small weight mounted to an alloy/composite lever arm inside the fork blade. In a world where spongier bar tape or swapping from 23mm wide tires to 25mm wide tires has everyone chattering about how much more comfortable their bike is, the Aktiv fork might be the start of the second French Revolution.

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TIME is the only bicycle manufacturer to master RTM technology. The TIME Skylon utilizes this technology molding the frame in a single form without butting. A new asymmetrical, monobloc chainstay makes it exceptionally stiff. While the carbon lay-up still contains Vectran to help absorb vibration. Overall the Skylon is lighter (945g), stiffer (+30%) and stronger (+45% bottom bracket rigidity) than the previous flagship TIME ZXRS.

Only a couple of manufacturer’s can say that they weave their own carbon and TIME is one. TIME weaves their own tubing according to their own specifications. This allows TIME to precisely deliver tubing that meets their exact ride characteristics. In this day and age when everything is constructed in Asia, a TIME bike stands alone being 100% built by hand and 100% built in France. From the TIME Skylon to the new TIME Izon to the trusted TIME Fluidity, there is a frame model for all types of riders so all can experience the unmatched quality of a TIME bike.

At Contender Bicycles, our best tools for selling bikes are the people who ride them. Each of us on staff has extensive experience riding bikes across many brands. Ryan Littlefield is our expert on TIME bicycles. To contact Ryan regarding any questions on TIME, email him at ryan@contenderbicycles.com or call him at the shop.

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