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Alchemy Bicycles is an anomaly in the cycling industry. Few brands cover both carbon and titanium frames with a level of expertise as Alchemy possesses. As a brand, they are one of the few companies controlling its entire manufacturing process in one location. From making custom tooling, to cutting our own titanium tubes, to painting and finishing carbon frames, Alchemy strives for perfection in every bicycle they make.

Initially rooted in metal and carbon road bikes, Alchemy offered top-level ride quality, quality craftsmanship, all in the USA. More recently, Alchemy created the Arktos, a carbon full-suspension mountain bike designed to tackle the roughest terrain with ease. The Arktos (in both 27.5” and 29” wheel sizes), combines sought-after Alchemy build quality with the latest technology into a trail crusher. By using the patented Sine Suspension System developed for them by David Earle, the Arktos is among the most well-rounded trail bikes on the market.

Located in Denver, Colorado, Alchemy focuses on quality above else. For them, craftsmanship is king, and it's what makes their bikes more than the run of the mill.

Alchemy Arktos

Alchemy Craftsmanship, Cutting-Edge Technology

The trail mountain bike scene is more crowded than ever, with competition from brands both big and small. Alchemy Bicycles, forever the underdog, has taken their carbon expertise in road bikes and applied it to their first-ever full-suspension mountain bike. The Alchemy Arktos, in both 27.5” and 29” wheel sizes, offers a combination of superior build quality and a unique Sine Suspension setup that makes for one of the best long travel mountain bikes on the market today.

The heart of the Arktos is the Sine Suspension system, which is impressively compact and clean in a way that few suspension designs are. Alchemy’s patented design is plush at the start of the travel, progressive in the middle, and smooth at bottom out. What does all of this tech mean for the bike? Sine Suspension makes the bike predictable through descents, jumps, and may make the bike a willing companion when travelling faster than your skill level suggests.

Alchemy claims that the Sine Suspension system makes the Arktos one of the best pedaling trail bikes in the world. Few bikes with this much travel climb with this much verve, irrespective of the amount of suspension travel, and few bikes descend as neutral as this does. It’s a well-balanced long travel bike that offers refined ride quality, and loves flat-out speed and staying glued to the ground.

The Alchemy Arktos comes in two versions: the Alchemy Arktos 27.5, and the Alchemy Arktos 29. Both offer the same frame design and similar geometry, and similarly predictable handling. However, the Arktos 29” benefits from Super Boost rear spacing, which makes for an even stronger wheel. Choose your preference; either way, the Arktos is the ultimate do-it-all trail weapon. Responsive yet stable, playful but controlled, the Arktos strikes that perfect balance to allow you to find your limit at maximum speed.

Sine Suspension System

Relentless Improvement

The Sine Suspension System is the special sauce that makes the Alchemy Arktos special. Few bikes, much less mountain bike companies, can claim to have a suspension design with as much pedigree as this does, but Alchemy decided to bring in some of the best around. The result is an inherent goodness that makes the Alchemy Arktos a truly impressive bicycle.

Sine Suspension was penned by Dave Earle, who is one of the minds behind some of the most influential mountain bike suspension designs on the market today. His background includes Engineering Director at Santa Cruz Bicycles, where he pioneered VPP suspension design and it’s continual refinement into what it is today. He’s also had a hand in developing the Yeti Switch Infinity suspension design, as well as a stint as a senior engineer at Specialized.

Sine Suspension takes its name from it’s suspension curve. When graphed, the curve reflects a sine wave. It’s regressive through the first part of the travel to absorb small bumps and provide climbing traction, progressive in the middle of the stroke to avoid wallowing on big hits or in hard, fast corners, then regressive again in the last 15 percent of the stroke to enable the bike to use all 6 inches of its rear-wheel travel and to give it a more playful feel.

While this easily offers strong small bump compliance like other suspension designs, the difference lies in the last part of the travel, which ramps up it’s shock ratio again. Sine is also designed to minimize chainstay growth when the bike is moving, which is intended to help with pedaling efficiency and keep the suspension active under braking. As important as kinematics are to the basics of suspension design, what is most important is how it transfers to the trails. Needless to say, it does a fantastic job.

There’s a certain trope that a good mountain bike “climbs like a mountain goat, and descends like a pro downhiller.” The Alchemy Arktos, which features their exclusive Sine Suspension, fulfills that, and then some. Most trail mountain bikes today do a great job of climbing, but the Arktos is one of the best climbing full suspension mountain bikes on the market. It’s almost like the bike is saying, “I get it, you want to get to the fun part of the ride as much as I would. Let me help you.”

And at the fun part, or the descent? The Sine Suspension offers a grounded, solid ride feel through washboard sections and over awkward rutted lines cutting across the trail. While the bike is designed to be supple over smaller hits, the sine curve of the suspension means the rear shock actually softens up slightly at the end of it’s curve to use it’s full travel. Translation: it’s plush over small stuff, supportive mid-stroke, and plush again through the biggest hits.

There’s plenty of tech that’s gone into Alchemy’s full suspension mountain bikes, and it’s centered around their patented Sine Suspension System. Few suspension designs are as well-rounded as this, and combined with the Alchemy Arktos, makes it one of the best long travel mountain bikes on the market today.

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