An Mtb video and I go on a rant

Here’s a cool video. People love these and I must say I do too for the most part but I do find myself wanting to see the crash at the end. There’s more disappointing then watching a rider do dangerous stuff but never hits the deck. It’s like setting up all the fireworks and realizing you don’t have a lighter. I also have a bit of a beef with the guy who plans out the ride and finds all the bridges, drops, and rounds up his buddies and lastly has the nerve to mount a very expensive camera to his head and pulls it off. I want the pay off. Videos with no crashing are like soccer, you watch the whole thing and nothing really happens. Ok that’s my rant. Try and enjoy. Spoiler alert, everyone ends up ok.

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reed says
June 10th, 2012

I think this route would a make for a great time trail in next years tour.

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