A Modern Masterpiece: the SCOTT Spark

Written by Contender Bicycles, on March 03, 2021

Mountain bikes see more changes in technology than just about anything else in the cycling industry. That leads to bikes that are often seen as obsolete in just a few years, with none of the excitement that was there when the bike was first released. Because of this, most mountain bikes are often forgotten outside of a select few, and only a few are remembered as truly remarkable. The SCOTT Spark RC is one of those bikes, an amalgamation of tech, innovation, and success at cycling's highest levels. 2020 SCOTT Spark RC 900 World Cup SL AXS - Contender Bicycles Well, maybe not the Spark RC, but rather the Spark lineup as we know it. The SCOTT Spark RC is perhaps the most successful full-suspension XC bike ever in racing. Countless World Cups, World Cup Overall titles, World Championships, and trail performance for everyone to prove it wasn't just the efforts of Nino Schurter and countless others that brought about the bike's success. Time after time, SCOTT racers, engineers, and managers have collaborated to make some of the best-performing bicycles on the market. Making some of the lightest full-suspension bikes available is one thing, but advancements like SCOTT's unique TwinLoc lever can genuinely provide an advantage over the competition. 2020 SCOTT Spark TwinLoc Contender Bicycles It has not only been this generation of Spark RC however but a range of bikes ranging from the original Spark in 2007. The top model came in at under 1800 grams for a frame, shock, and hardware, and featured an early version of TwinLoc. At the time, a lot of the competition was seemingly throwing stuff at the wall to see what stuck, but it is remarkable that all of the core tenants of what made the original Spark unique carried on to the current generation. Scott Spark - Nino Schurter Generations thereafter cleaned up the bike's suspension linkage that improved suspension performance and reliability. TwinLoc became what it is today: a tool that makes the bike more agile, nimble, and efficient without sacrificing traction when necessary. SCOTT says it gives them three bikes in one, and while not entirely that, it is novel tech that makes a difference on the trail. 2020 SCOTT Spark Lineup - Contender Bicycles That leads us to the newest SCOTT Spark. It has transitioned fully to 29er wheels, nearly all models feature TwinLock, and the lineup is firmly split into two families of bikes, the Spark and Spark RC. One is for the weekend warrior who values efficiency on the trail but wants the confidence of more suspension travel and a dropper post on the descents, the other is a pure XC race machine that has been ridden to multiple World Cups. Both bikes continue the tradition of being some of the lightest, most advanced mountain bikes in their class. SCOTT Spark RC AXS Purple/Blue/Yellow - Contender Bicycles We could cite all the numbers that set the Spark RC apart from the competition. We could also cite all of the wins the bike has seen under Nino Schurter in recent years as evidence of the bike's superiority. What we cite instead then is the number of happy people on a Spark or Spark RC. Weekend warriors who ride the red rocks with regularity dig the just right capability on the descents. Marathon riders who find a full day of climbing on the trail to be an awesome experience dig the energy-saving TwinLoc lever and neutral handling at speed. Die-hard XC rider who won't ride anything that doesn't weigh under ten kilograms will find their bike in the SCOTT Spark and Spark RC. Even the best riders on earth can find a bike they can crush the competition with. Scott Spark Contessa Shimano XTR Rolf Wheels SCOTT Sports have come a long way from their origins as a ski pole company in Sun Valley, Idaho. And while their work has changed to a breadth of sports equipment with a worldwide following, they are still innovators at heart. With a slogan like NO SHORTCUTS, it is no wonder that the Spark has seen the level of success it has. Scott Spark - Contender Bicycles Have any questions about the 2020 SCOTT Spark and Spark RC? We have them in stock! Give us a call during business hours, or send us an email any time to info@contenderbicycles.com.


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