Amiability is a Paint Job Away with the 3T Strada Ready to Paint

Amiability is a Paint Job Away with the 3T Strada Ready to Paint

Written by Contender Bicycles, on March 03, 2021

We’ve talked about how much the 3T Strada road bike excites us ad nauseam. Few other bikes push the envelope like this one, both in terms of tech and in sheer looks. We’ve also talked about how cool OPEN’s Ready to Paint frames are; the ability to take a blank canvas of a frame and make your bike truly your own is an interesting proposition and one with which we’ve had a ton of fun. However, combine the 3T Strada with a custom paint scheme, and you have the likes of a truly individual frameset. The combination of aero road bike design, disc brakes, wider tires, and a 1x drivetrain might be a whole jumble of buzz words, but when put together on this bike, it really makes some sense. The comfort and ride quality that comes from a high-end 28c road tire is among the best things to happen to road cycling in quite some time. Combined with disc brakes, it makes for a bike with excellent grip and cornering and braking dynamics. Perhaps just as decisive as the 1x drivetrain has been the Swiss Army red paint scheme, which clearly communicates it's mission to be a high-efficiency rocket on the flats and in the mountains. While there have been other paint schemes that range from understated (the blue Pro model) to menacing (the Stealth Black Team frameset), this Sky Blue diffuses the seriousness of it’s packaging and brings about an air of geniality. All of the tech is still there, from the perfectly-balanced Zipp 303 NSW carbon wheels, the Easton EC90 SL crankset, to it's Shimano Dura Ace Di2 1x drivetrain. However, this Strada is something few other Stradas can truly claim to be: cheerful. 3T Strada Ready To Paint Framesets We had a lot of fun with this custom 3t Strada ready to paint, and certainly it won’t be the last of these Ready to Paint framesets. They're available now, along with the 3T Exploro Ready to Paint frameset and ready to become the bike of your dreams. As always if you have any questions or want more information, drop us a line at or by phone to 801.364.0344.


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