AMP Up Your Weekend with our BMC Trailfox AMP & Speedfox AMP Demo

AMP Up Your Weekend with our BMC Trailfox AMP & Speedfox AMP Demo

Written by Contender Bicycles, on March 03, 2021

Mormon Pioneer Trail is among the gnarliest trails to climb in the area. Parts of it have a greater than 15% grade climbing, and is pretty darn rocky. Most riders can get up the trail with careful pedaling and smart wheel placement, but by the end of the climb you’re begging for it to be over. Now imagine doing that trail on an e-MTB; not only can you clear that climb, but you’d have enough energy in the tank to want to go further, feeling more refreshed. This weekend, you can do just that with BMC’s fleet of Trailfox AMP & Speedfox AMP demo bikes, ready to rumble. We will have a full size run of bikes available at the our Salt Lake City shop through July 20th. Pick up one of these bikes, pay a $30 donation (regularly $90 for a demo), and ride until the sun sets (but really when we close). Your donation will go to your choice of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail group or the Mountain Trails Foundation. Give Cody a call during shop hours, or shoot him an email any time to to reserve a BMC pedal-assist electric bike for yourself. BMC Trailfox AMP TWO Contender Bicycles Ryan’s take on electric mountain bikes bikes says it better than I could:
“For the same effort, I can cover a lot more ground…. I also like this bike for exploring trails that are new to me or that aren’t well documented and then later going to ride them on my normal bike. On my normal bike I’m always asking myself, “I wonder where that goes?”. With the E-bike, I can venture a bit more on trails that I’m not familiar with and not worry about running out of time or getting into an epic ride where I am not prepared…. Riding the E-MTB makes me better on my regular mountain bike. The E-MTB rewards me for spinning. If I want the bike to really step up and help, I have to spin faster…. It teaches me to keep pedaling through the obstacles and tricky sections of the trail. If I get in the mindset of things coming at me faster like they do on my E-MTB, then on my normal bike it seems a bit “slowed-down”. This holds true on the climbs and flat sections, but the E-MTB doesn’t really go any faster than a traditional mountain bike would on a descent, and climbing isn’t really any faster than what a fit cyclist would achieve.”
BMC AMP Shimano Steps BMC is a relative newcomer to the e-MTB scene, but with these two bikes they’ve made a serious splash. The BMC Trailfox AMP TWO uses a lightweight carbon frame to house a powerful Shimano STEPS E8000 drive motor that is seriously slick in application. It features 150mm travel front and rear and 27.5 x 2.8” plus tires that provide serious grip. Meanwhile, the BMC Speedfox AMP TWO has the same STEPS motor and carbon layup, but uses trail bike geometry and 29” wheels that maintain speed with ease. If you’re after an excellent all-mountain bike, the Trailfox AMP is your go-to; otherwise the Speedfox AMP is a nimble trail destroyer. BMC Fourstroke AMP Shimano Steps We’re excited for what pedal assist bikes like this can do to help more people experience the joys of mountain biking. Combine that with a small donation to help our favorite local trails, and you have the makings of an excellent day on the trail.


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