Connect the Polka Dots with the New Contender Dot Jersey and Dot Sock

Connect the Polka Dots with the New Contender Dot Jersey and Dot Sock

Written by Contender Bicycles, on March 03, 2021

There are a lot of reasons why we, Contender Bicycles, would want to make a polka dot jersey and matching socks. The Contender Dot Jersey and Contender Dot Sock look just as good descending down your favorite canyon as they do worn post-ride at your favorite restaurant. However, there's a bit more to our newest limited run of jerseys and socks than simply looking good; they're an homage to the value of self-expression. Contender Dot Jersey and Dot Socks In 2007, Colnago collaborated with legendary graffiti artists Futura 2000 and Stash, to produce a limited run of custom-painted Colnago Master Pista track frames for an art show titled, Look Ma! No Brakes! The Futura 2000-painted Colnago Master framesets featured an iconic polka dot on white colorway that was both simple in design and and striking in form.
Colnago Futura Dot Bike Photos courtesy of the Italian Cycling Journal
While only 38 of these frames were made, we wanted to honor this work with our own form of dots. As such, our jersey features the same dot pattern and colors as Colnago's beautiful collaborative bicycle. Likewise, our Contender font matches that of the classic Colnago typeface on the downtube and seattube of the Futura 2000 bikes.
Colnago Futura Dots Photos courtesy of the
The Contender Dot Jersey also alludes to the King (or Queen) of the Mountain jersey. Traditionally, riders receive the KOM polka dot jersey in a WorldTour stage race when they've collected the most points in the hill climb sections in a tour. Races are won and lost on the climbs, and dots signify that you aren't just a proficient climber, but that you thrive on the climbs. And even if you don't thrive on the climbs, an outward projection of hope like this never hurt anyone. Think like a climber, and eventually you can become one. Also, polka dots are just plain fun. A pair of matching socks is even better. Contender Dot Jersey - Dot Socks We find art to be an expression of the soul. Regardless of whether you think of these special-edition Colnago Master frames as pieces of art, the polka dots look great on a bike, and are equally striking as a jersey and sock. We are excited to present our newest jersey in both men's and women's sizes, as well as a matching sock that can be worn both on and off the bike with ease. Come by our shops in Salt Lake City and Park City for a taste of artistry from one of our favorite cycling brands. Pick up a limited-run jersey, a pair of socks, or to simply say hello. Otherwise, if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call during shop hours or send us an email to Contender Dot Socks


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