The Contender Gecko Jersey Is Back

Written by Alison Littlefield, on December 13, 2022

You may have seen this jersey hanging at the shop. Well, probably not since Ryan placed it in the least visible location of the store!

This is a Contender Bicycles jersey from circa 1992. For those of us around Utah back then that were riding bikes, the jersey should remind you of the uptick in tattoos of Kokopellis and geckos that everyone started getting after discovering their first ride in Moab. Did Ryan think the jersey was cool then? Absolutely not; his focus was dedicated to the road. Does he think the jersey is cool now? As cool as the 26” wheeled, purple Klein Attitude hanging from the store’s rafters. 


Contender Retro Gecko Collection bike

But as the shop heads into over 35 years in business, it gives us pause to reminisce about the good old days and makes us realize how far we have come. Ryan most definitely did not fall into the Kokopelli crowd back then. But he was the fast roadie that after a long season on the road busted down to Moab in the fall to do White Rim in a day. Now you'll find him more often on the mountain trails instead of on the road.

So we figured why not take the only jersey that we have from back then and use it as inspiration and do a retro take on the jersey? Plus we might as well have fun with some casual gear. And you never know, maybe Kokopellis and geckos will come back in style. After all, look at fanny packs!



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