First Look: Focus Jam2 Electric Mountain Bike

First Look: Focus Jam2 Electric Mountain Bike

Written by Contender Bicycles, on March 03, 2021

Many say that the best technology is invisible. The best tech takes enough of the technical aspect out to allow the user to center their experience specifically on creation, or in this case, enjoying their bike ride. For years, manufacturers have geared their bikes toward those who cared more about specs - low weight, powerful motor assist, and battery capacity. Focus, having made pedal assist electric bikes for over seven years, sought to "focus" their progress instead on seamlessness and simplicity. The Focus Jam2 Electric Mountain Bike is their leading effort in making the electric bike seamless. Focus JAM2 Electric Mountain Bike. Contender Bicycles. Let's get this out of the way: all pedal assist bicycles are not made equal, especially electric mountain bikes. Focus aimed to make the Jam2 (pronounced "jam-squared") easy to use, and they largely succeeded. Press and hold the on/off button found on the toptube, and with a flash of the Shimano STEPS logo, the bike is ready to go. Adjusting the level of pedal assist with the Shimano Di2-style lever is very intuitive, as is the display itself. Simply get on the bike, add as much pedal assist as you'd need, and ride your heart out just as any other mountain bike. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the bike, above how simple the technology works, is how the rest of the bike rides on the trail. We've already covered why we like electric mountain bikes (link HERE), but Focus takes that package even further. Shimano allows brands to use their own batteries; as such Focus created their TEC battery, which at 378wh, makes for a bike that is smaller and on average five pounds lighter than the competition. This lack of weight is certainly handy in low speed grinds, as it maintains the planted feel of an eMTB, but has much of the agility of the standard Focus Jam. The geometry is remarkably similar to it's non-pedal assist companion; hop off one bike and on to the other, and the familial ties are easy to recognize.   Focus Jam2 Electric Pedal Assist Mountain Bike Contender Bicycles Need more juice than the 2-2.5 hrs the Focus Jam2 battery offers? Focus has developed a secondary battery that mounts along the downtube. This battery allows an extra 378wh battery (or Focus's bottle cage and tool storage) to total a substantial 756wh of power, or 5+ hours of ride time. For comparison, most bikes offer a total of 500wh without the capacity to add on to its range. Its easy to use, and gives riders the power they need, when they need it. Punctuated by a refined LED on/off button on the top tube, the svelte Shimano information display, and an overall package that weighs substantially less less than the competition, the Jam2 already has a leg up in the design field. Add to it the ease with which riders can ride the bike back to back, and the Focus Jam2 immediately becomes one of the best electric mountain bikes around. As always, we are happy to assist with any questions regarding the Focus Jam2 Lineup or any of our other pedal assist mountain bikes. Give a call during shop hours, or send an email any time to


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