(Re)-Introducing Giant Bicycles

Written by Contender Bicycles, on May 05, 2021

After several years away from our shop, Giant Bicycles are back at Contender and we couldn’t be more excited about the news. Not only are we thrilled to have bikes with the Giant, Liv, and Momentum logos in the shop, we’re stoked to have a few dozen additional bikes in the shop.

Contender Bicycles was a Giant dealer not too long ago, but it’s been a hot minute or ten since we’ve been selling these phenomenal bikes. Giant is one of the world’s largest bike brands and chances are that even if you’ve never owned a Giant, you’ve ridden a bike built by Giant. Giant Trance E+

As one of the largest makers of carbon fiber in the world, Giant has its hands on more bike brands than you may realize. From being the primary contracted manufacturer for Schwinn Bikes in the 80s and 90s to building custom carbon frames for some of the current big players on the World Tour, Giant’s technology is embedded in millions of bikes every year.

Of course, that means Giant knows a thing or two about making the best bikes possible. With innovation, the result of never-ending research and engineering refinement, Giant’s bikes frequently break ground on speed, comfort, performance, and price.

Let’s talk about why you should consider a Giant for your next bike. Giant Revolt

First, they’re in stock at Contender Bicycles. With global supply chains for bikes and bike parts all mucked up because of the pandemic, finding bikes is tricky. So when Giant reached out to Contender about becoming a dealer again, we simply couldn’t turn down the opportunity to immediately welcome 50-60 brand new bikes to our sales floor. We’ve also got a couple hundred more bikes on order and they’ll be trickling in over the next weeks and months. 

Second, Giants are really good bikes and offer a wide range of options from Tour de France speed machines to children’s rides designed to inspire confidence for growing shredders. Giant has been a player in the bike industry since 1972 and became the first bike maker to mass-produce computer-aided design carbon fiber bikes with the CADEX. Giant has been at the forefront of innovation ever since.

Third, Giant bikes are surprisingly affordable. Anyone who has been riding bikes for a while knows you can spend just about as much as you want to on a bike. The sky's the limit with component choices, materials, and accessories. While the same holds true for Giant Bicycles, you can also find highly-appointed bikes at prices that’ll make you smile. For example, among the first wave of Giants Contender welcomed to the shop were a couple of TCR Advanced Pro 1 road bikes with Ultegra groupsets, plush carbon frames and carbon wheels for a little more than $3,500. On the mountain side, Giant brought us a handful of rides in full suspension and hardtail models. Starting with the entry-level hardtail Talon with models less than $1,000 and the full suspension Trance X 29 2 that checks in at about $3300.Giant Revolt

We could go on, but suffice it to say we’re happy to have bikes - quality bikes - on the floor and ready for you to ride.

Giant recently got into the gravel game, as well, and the Giant Revolt is getting rave reviews. Ranging from the Revolt Advanced Pro with a high-end carbon frame and components to the base Revolt with a sturdy aluminum frame and lower priced components, Giant’s all-road bike offers a great ride.Giant TCR

When it comes to road bikes, Giant has been ahead of the field in many ways with their TCR line of bikes. Short for Total Compact Road, TCR bikes have been pedaled to victory in Grand Tour races and local criteriums alike. The TCR’s strong and lightweight frames are built to fly.

So, while Giant may be a fresh new face on the sales floor at Contender Bicycles after years away, Giant is anything but a newcomer to making premium quality bicycles and, frankly, that makes them a perfect match for Contender.

Have any questions about Giant bikes? Give us a call or any time to info@contenderbicycles.com.

Photos by Berin Klawiter.


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    the Sedona is a neat bike! Depending on your size we have 29er mountain bikes all over the place.

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  • Nice content I love cycling I have a giant sedona 26 inches. I am interested in a MTB 29er

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