Its that time of the year, folks. That’s right: its gear list season. Maybe you’re looking for something that will wow that special cyclist in your life. Perhaps you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for the person who has it all. Or better yet, you’re looking for cool new gadgets and gizmos to gift yourself this holiday season.

What makes a good gift for a cyclist? It comes down to cool factor. Some of the coolest gifts are ones you may want but have a tough time justifying. And while everything on our 2022 Gift Guide is useful, much of this is the case of not knowing how much you’ll love something until you use it first hand. Our selection here is our favorite gear, much of which is new, novel, and is full of gadget and gizmos that you - or the cyclist in your life - will love and use regularly.

Gifts That Make Riding More Fun

Bivo Trio Insulated Bottles


Bivo bottles have water flow that is almost too good, no squeezing required. The Bivo Trio Insultated water bottle adds an insulated layer to keep your bevs cool in the summer and warm in the winter (if that’s your thing).

Giro Winter Apparel


Most bits of cycling apparel promise waterproofing. The result is that keeping moisture out is no problem, but it traps moisture in too. Not so with the Giro Xnetic H2O gear. We like these as layers for the coldest winter rides, and the Xnetic shoes are our favorite winter shoes that keep your feet warm.

Bags from Swift Industries


Swift Industries aim to make “your adventure bag.” Your adventure might just be to the park for your local Coffee Outside. Maybe it's an all-day ride where snacks and layers are at a premium. That’s Swift Industries.

We carry a small selection of their bags, all of which we’ve selected because they can be used with just about any and every bike. Our favorites are the Sidekick Stem Pouch Kestrel Bar Bag, both of which add a whole lot of practicality to a bike.

BMC Integrated Top Tube Bag


Big enough to carry a bunch of snacks, but not so big that it disrupts your bike's sleek lines. The BMC Integrated Top Tube Bag is one of our best-selling bags because it fits just right behind nearly any stem. Just make sure you have top tube bolt mounts!

Fat Bikes


We’ve already talked at length about why you need to ride a fat bike this winter. But it's hard to ride a fat bike this winter without owning one. Otso makes some of our favorites. See our fat bikes in stock to get started. 

Bike Tools


Nothing makes maintaining your bicycle (or bicycles!) easier than great tools. A quality set of hex keys means less stripped bolts, especially those hard-to-access ones every bike has.

A good tool, be it something for your home kit or on-bike for emergency repairs, will make unforseen repairs and adjustments just a bit simpler.

Tube Strap


Taping a tube and a CO2 cartridge to your downtube might work for you, but there's a more intelligent way to lash tools, a CO2 and a spare tube to your frame. We carry a few different options. Some are as simple as a wide strap, while others are expandable and add pockets. Either way, they keep your repair kit off the saddle and down low on your bike.

Gifts for Casual Rides and Off-Bike

Ripton & Co Denim


We got tired of the same synthetic baggy shorts for mountain biking. Ripton & Co. did too, which is why they’ve introduced a line of performance denim. Their shorts - and jeans, coveralls, and other pieces - stretch plenty and are far more comfortable on the bike than denim has any right to be. 

Cycling Books


The cyclist in your life might be covered on the gear front, but they could always use a new book for daydreaming and post-ride recovery. The perfect addition for the cyclist who cares about the history of cycling, the tech behind modern bicycles, or want to optimize their cycling nutrition.

Silca Superpista Digital Pump


The last bike floor pump you'll ever need. The SuperPista pump offers heirloom-levels of quality in a world full of disposable goods. Most pumps offer 5 percent accuracy; the SuperPista Digital gives accurate reading up to 1 percent. This pump is taller than most so you don’t have squat down to use it. We think this is the best floor pump Silca has made, no small feat considering their storied history.

Gifts for the Contender Fan

Contender Merch


If you’ve ever gotten grease on your clothing from an errant chain - or tomato sauce after cooking an extra saucy pot of pasta - you understand the value of an apron. The Contender x Dakine Tuning Apron adds pockets for your favorite tools and allows you to get into the nitty gritty of repair without getting your clothes nitty or gritty. 

And of course, we have a whole array of other bits of contender apparel that we love, from shirts to sweaters, cycling, apparel and more. 

The Gift for Every Cyclist

Contender Bicycles Gift Card


If you don’t know what to get the cyclist in your life, a gift card is an easy solution. Choose any amount and let them take the wheel. It's almost too easy.