Full Gas Everywhere With the All-New 2019 Pinarello Grevil Gravel Bike

Written by Madeleine Whitley, on March 03, 2021

When Pinarello releases a new bike, they go the extra mile to ensure everything, from performance to looks is covered. They definitely aren’t the kind of company to bring out a bike that’s half-baked. And even if the all-new look a bit melted (or.. overbaked) compared to the Dogma F10, Pinarello’s newest gravel bike has everything one would expect their high-performance gravel bike to have.Pinarello took a holistic approach to their new gravel bikes, the Grevil and Grevil + (pronounced “Gre-veell plus”). Anyone can make a gravel bike, but they wanted to make a gravel bike with true Pinarello DNA. Translation? Ensure their new bike has the handling, stability, and responsiveness typical of the brand, regardless of build, tire, or wheel size.

2019 Pinarello Grevil Tire Clearance

Yes, wheel size. The Grevil and Grevil + fit both 700c and 650b wheels, and tires as big as a 27.5 x 2.1”. Like and , Pinarello achieves this variety of tire and wheel sizes with a short 420mm chainstay with a dropped chainstay. Many call it fashion; we say it allows the chainstays to be wide enough for optimal stiffness without compromising wheelbase length or tire options.The company from Treviso didn’t just call it good with a dropped chainstay. Having touted their Think Asymmetric philosophy for years, Pinarello found that a dropped chainstay substantially changes energy transfer from the wheel to the saddle. So they designed what they’re calling their Twin Arms technology. In short, because the drive side chainstay is dropped, the drive side seatstay ought to be dropped as well to ensure the rear of the bike responds to stress similarly. Small details, but they make all the difference in making a bike that is hollistically cohesive.

Pinarello Grevil+ Gravel Bike - Contender Bicycles

Much is shared between the Grevil and vaunted series. The Grevil receives flourishes such as a concave downtube for improved aero around the water bottles, and provides a little opening to integrate a Di2 junction box. The now-ubiquitous Onda fork and Fork Flaps are found here as well, with the non-drive side much bigger to smooth air flow around the disc brake caliper. Pinarello added a third bottle cage under the downtube (where air flow isn’t as important), as well as the comfort-laden seatpost from the Dogma K10. All in, features like these make the Grevil that much more versatile on and off the beaten path.Geometry plays a substantial role in dictating the character of a bike, and the designers went to great lengths to ensure that the Grevil and Grevil+ ride like a Pinarello. Reach and stack numbers are similar to what you'd find on the , with just a touch more stack. Pinarello managed to ensure that the wheelbase is only about 2.5% longer than the Gan K despite much greater tire clearances.We’re constantly amazed by how every Pinarello we ride has the same characteristic feel. It’s not just down to shaping, good marketing, or us simply wanting to believe the Pinarello mystique. Pinarello rarely wins the numbers battle, but in they end they’re one of the most well-known cycling brands around because their approach to building a bike is so unique. And while we haven’t yet ridden the Grevil or Grevil +, we’re sure that everything we’ve come to enjoy by Pinarello will be found here, “full gas everywhere” decal and all.

2019 Pinarello Grevil Gravel Bike - Contender Bicycles

Six frame sizes are available in 44 to 59 cm, in two grades of carbon: the Grevil with Toray T700 carbon (like the ), and the Grevil + with Toray T1100 1K carbon (like the Dogma model line).Delivery is expected in mid-March 2019, with pricing starting at $3500 for a Grevil frameset . Have any questions? Send us an email any time to , or give us a call during business hours. We’re as stoked as you are.

2019 Pinarello Grevil+ Drawing - Contender Bicycles


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