Introducing the Pinarello Dyodo Gravel

Introducing the Pinarello Dyodo Gravel

Written by Contender Bicycles, on March 03, 2021

Pinarello is on a roll. Between the releases of the Dogma F12 race bike that refines a ProTour legend even further, the Pinarello Grevil gravel bike that brings superbike performance to the dirt, and the seamless Dyodo e-road bike, the Italian brand has been busy at work to overhaul and expand their line. New to the lineup is Pinarello Dyodo Gravel, which combines the know-how found in engineering the Grevil and Dyodo into one of the most compelling packages we've seen in quite a while.   Pinarello Dyodo Grevil E-Bike Contender Bicycles The formula is pretty simple: take the T700 carbon used in the Grevil and Dyodo, and smash the two together. The Grevil contributes the dropped chainstay for increased tire clearance, the comfort-oriented seatpost design from the Grevil, gravel-oriented geometry geared toward off-road stability, and contact point. The Dyodo contributes it's Ebikemotion X35 drive unit, iWoc ONE controller found on the toptube, and the 250 Wh battery stored in the downtube. One thing it doesn't have? A toptube decal that says "Full Gas Everywhere" found on the Grevil. Pinarello Dyodo Grevil E-Gravel Bike - Contender Bicycles Geometry plays a substantial role in dictating the character of a bike, and Pinarello went to great lengths to ensure that the Dyodo Gravel rides like a Pinarello. Reach and stack numbers are similar to what you’d find on the Grevil, with just a touch more stack. Pinarello managed to ensure that the wheelbase is only a bit longer than the Grevil, despite needing to lengthen the bike's downtube to fit the battery. All said and done, Pinarello claims tire clearances of 700 x 42c, 650 x 47b, or 27.5 x 2.1" tires. Par for the course, and plenty of clearance for the vast majority of riders.  Pinarello Dyodo Grevil E-Gravel Bike Tire Clearance - Contender Bicycles We're big fans of Ebikemotion drive units. They're easy to use, surprisingly lightweight, and when paired to the iWoc ONE controller like this bike, are unobtrusive visually and in use. 40 N/m of torque is plenty for a vast majority of rides, and the range the battery offers is enough for 2-3 hour rides. Longer rides or those who use more of the bike's assist might want the Ebikemotion battery range extender, which offers an extra 204 Wh of battery capacity. Perhaps the most important takeaway we have here is how similar this bike feels compared to other Pinarellos, namely the Grevil. A 50 cm bike weighs in at 27.6 pounds without pedals; while lightweight for what it is, is still at least 8 pounds more than the equivalent Grevil. It's fit measurements and angles are close enough that the bikes manage to feel similar at speed if a bit muted due to the extra weight. Pinarello Dyodo Grevil Electric Gravel Bike - Contender Bicycles As of now, there are few bikes that can match the combination of mystique, geometry, and pedal-assist propulsion of the Pinarello Dyodo Gravel. It's an e-gravel bike that doesn't look like an e-bike, with typical Pinarello design to further set it apart.  Pinarello Dyodo Grevil Electric Gravel Bike - Contender Bicycles Have any questions about the Pinarello Dyodo Gravel e-gravel bike? Give us a call during business hours, or send a message any time to


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