It's Electric! Get a Discount on Your Next E-Bike with Utah Clean Energy

It's Electric! Get a Discount on Your Next E-Bike with Utah Clean Energy

Written by Cody Wignall, on March 03, 2021

As a full-service bike shop, we strive to offer quality bicycles, service, and accessories that we would be proud to have ourselves. Among our favorite types of bicycles is the pedal-assist electric bike, also known as the e-bike. We are not afraid to sing praises about the value of e-bikes (HERE, HERE, and HERE) in day to day commuting, both on-road and off-road too. We are excited to be part of the Utah Clean Energy Live Electric E-Bike Discount Program to help everyone in the state of Utah electrify their ride. Discounts are available to all Rocky Mountain Power customers and State of Utah employees through November 10, 2018. Get started today by signing up for your discount code. The Live Electric e-bike discount program features a generous list of e-bikes, from commuters, cargo bikes, mountain bikes, and even conversion kits. Below is a list of a few of the electric bikes available from our shop in the program; check out the complete list to see what e-bikes are available. Stromer ST1 - Contender Bicycles Stromer ST1 Contender Bicycles Stromer ST1 - The Stromer ST1 features a 28 mph top speed, regenerative braking, and high-quality components. They achieve this with a torquey custom-designed drive motor to get up whatever hill climb you might have on your commute. With built-in lights, fenders, and an integrated rack, the Stromer ST1 is an excellent companion in the city and on the open road. Stromer ST1X - Contender Bicycles Stromer ST1x - Take the excellent base of the Stromer ST1 and adds more power and technology. The ST1X still features a 28 mph max assist, but offers up to 800W power a substantial 35 Nm torque, and 75 miles of range. Couple that with an integrated touchscreen, and the OMNI app which offers anti-theft protection, geo-localization, and tuning, and you have the makings of a quality partner for the streets. Stromer ST2 - Contender Bicycles Stromer ST2 - If the ST1X is an beefed-up ST1, the ST2 is the ST1X amped to 11. Say goodbye to traffic congestion with an even more powerful motor, 90 miles of range (and an optional 110 miles of range), high-end components, and a completely integrated riding experience. Orbea Wild E-Bike - Contender BicyclesOrbea Wild 20 - Climb to new heights on the steepest of mountain trails with the power of the Orbea WILD 20 electric mountain bike behind you. To give you an extra advantage zooming up the trails, the 2018 Orbea WILD 20 houses a Bosch Performance CX motor with Bosch’s 500Wh battery. The motor is angled upwards in the frame for better ground clearance and there’s an alloy bash guard to protect it from the hits of rocks, roots and other trail debris. Orbea Keram E-Bike - Contender Bicycles Orbea Keram 10 - Stay fresh as you bike through the city streets with the pedal assistance of the 2018 Orbea KERAM Asphalt 10. The bike houses a Bosch Performance 20-mph motor with a Bosch 500Wh battery. With 55 miles of range, you can pedal all day throughout the city running errands, knowing the bike’s motor’s pedal assistance will get you safely to any destination. Urban Arrow Cargo E-BikeUrban Arrow Family Cargo E-Bike - The Urban Arrow Family is a cargo ebike with a large built-in compartment for transporting goods and kids alike. The start of every Urban Arrow cargo bike is it’s frame. The aluminum frame isn’t just light, but far stiffer and ideal for heavy loads. The alloy frame allows for two wheelbases – one for family and one for smaller needs – which makes the bike extremely versatile. Set in it’s long wheelbase setting, it’s EPS foam (same foam as a helmet) box allows for all kinds of precious cargo while offering strong impact resistance. Read more HERE. Larry vs Harry eBullit Cargo E-BikeLarry vs Harry E-Bullitt Cargo Bike - The Larry vs Harry eBullitt is based off of the standard Bullitt cargo bike, which uses an alloy frame and steel fork. The eBullitt takes it up a notch with it’s Shimano STEPS pedal-assist drive motor. This motor offers up to 70 Nm of torque, and combines with the 504Wh battery to give riders enough range for a full day of riding and commuting. The bike is designed for package delivery in urban areas like Copenhagen; as such the bike holds up to 397 lb, rider included. Read more HERE. Orbea Katu E-25 - Contender Bicycles Orbea Katu-E -The Orbea Katu-E is built for the city. Small 20″ wheels keep the whole bike compact, which is good for maneuvering in town and storing at home. A Bosch motor provides tons of torque, while the 400 Watt-hour battery is durable, efficient, and built to take a beating. Orbea also included a front basket that is fixed to the headtube, which allows for smooth handling as you steer, as well as capability for a child seat. A double-sided kickstand and rear wheel lock completes the package. Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel - Contender BicyclesSuperpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel - The Copenhagen Wheel is a self-contained rear wheel electric bicycle system which transforms a traditional bicycle into a hybrid e-bike. Simply install the rear wheel and transform the bike you love into a seamless electric bike. Add in an app that controls assist levels, shows battery life, and allows remote locking, and you have an excellent way to electrify your current bike.


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