Like a Bolt From the Blue, the Contender Shazam Kit is Here

Like a Bolt From the Blue, the Contender Shazam Kit is Here

Written by Contender Bicycles, on March 03, 2021

Lightning pervades nearly all cultures. Some experience it through deity; Greeks have Zeus, Hindus have Indra, and Aztecs have K’awiil. Italians translate “love at first sight” as a “culpo di fulmine”, a sign of love hitting someone with such intensity that it's akin to a lightning strike. I particularly like the idiom “a bolt from the blue” to describe when something surprises, as a lightning bolt so neatly accentuates the calmness of blue. With the creation of our newest Contender kit, we wanted to make something that was a departure from what we’ve made in the past. The results surprised even us in how good the new Contender Shazam Jerseys, Shazam Shorts, and Shazam Sock came out. Contender Bicycles Shazam Kit We’ve partnered with Giro on this new kit, using the Mens Chrono Expert and Womens Chrono Expert jerseys, Mens Chrono Expert Bib Short and Womens Chrono Expert Short, and our own sock producer to make one of our favorite kits yet. Both jerseys and shorts use their new Renew Series fabrics, which are made from recycled nylon, polyester, and ocean debris. Through breakthrough materials like these, we are able to offer apparel that feels great, performs even better, and has an 80% lower global warming impact compared to conventional cycling apparel. The Shazam Chrono Expert jersey fit balance strikes a nice balance between racey and enduro-bro baggy, with pockets high enough that they don’t sag when loaded up. The material itself is rather breathable without being as light as a summer weight-specfic jersey. Those looking for a true race fit will want to size down. Contender Shazam Jersey Details As for the Shazam Chrono Expert Short and Bib Short? The Bib short uses a wide, lightweight mesh strap that feels great, with small grippers at each leg opening and wide leg bands that spread out compression evenly around the leg. The chamois is of the triple-density sort, which offers a fair bit of support even on slow days where the chamois sees the biggest beating. Outside of the vented front of the bib, the coolest part is that the back of the bib straps has a central pocket, perfect if you’re using a jersey or tech tee that doesn’t have pockets built in. Contender Bicycles Shazam Bib Shorts We’ve also worked hard to create a custom Contender Shazam sock. This sock is comparable to the Giro HRc sock, as both use top-level Meryl Skinlife. Our Shazam sock compresses in just the right places and stays put on your foot all day. That it perfectly matches our jersey and shorts but is good enough to wear day-to-day makes this an excellent choice. Contender Shazam Socks Riding There’s a number of cycling kits that float around that have no shortage of banality to them, be it through uninteresting patterns or kits overflowing with sponsorship logos. Like a bolt from the blue, our newest kit manages to be bold without being overbearing, original without being contrived. We offer the Contender Shazam Chrono Expert Kit in both men’s and women’s versions to help you blast through summer riding. Give us a call during business hours, or send an email any time to


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