Madi Larsen - Mechanic and Saddle Slinger

Written by Contender Bicycles, on March 29, 2022

Throughout the next few months, we will be highlighting the women of Contender Bicycles - and their journey to completing the Grodeo, a 92-mile gravel event in northern Utah. Without further ado, in her own words, Madi Larsen.


I am originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin. I was a college soccer player at Northern Michigan University for two years. Playing soccer my whole life has made me LOVE the outdoors! Before getting into biking, I was an ice climbing/rock climbing/mountaineering/backpacking guide, ski tech, and ski instructor throughout the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Canada, Alaska, Idaho, California, and here in Utah where I have lived for over a year. The desert is one of my favorite places. I am adventurous, outdoorsy, and love to try new things (mostly bike things) with my best friend/partner Mike!


I love to pedal! Since getting my SCOTT Contessa Scale, I have fallen even more in love with the mountains. I enjoy pushing myself and seeing just how far I can ride on my bike. It is just so fun to be on a bike, I want to pedal all the time. Dirt roads away from everything tend to be my favorite. Though I have been riding for my whole life, I fell in love with riding two years ago and have not wanted to stop pedaling far and wide since.

Madi Larsen poses for a photo outside of Contender Bicycles


Mechanic Madi!!!! Being able to work with my hands, be around bikes every day, move around and problem solve rolls everything I want to do into one position. It also allows me to learn new things every day, I love it, and can't wait to keep progressing.

Madi Larsen working on a bicycle


I’m not as hard on myself when I bike compared to when I do other things, but I can really push myself and still have a lot of fun. I want to spend a lot more time on gravel and get into some more events, so why not? Spending time with the ladies (my best friends) that I work with is awesome, so what better way to do that than to ride 90+ miles and complete 6 months of training with them?

Madi Larsen working on a bicycle


My goals are to just ride my bike for longer distances in new places. Doing my best is important, but I also want to have a lot of fun while pedaling. My goals for the future are to just be a resourceful and successful mechanic that gets to ride her bike for long miles on her off days….I think I am doing pretty well for myself. 

A dream that I have is to one day open my own (coffee) beans, bagels, and bike shop. Who doesn’t love coffee and bagels AND bikes??? 

I hope to learn more about training and my abilities to train on a schedule with this experience. I hope to see how I can push myself and grow in my ability to adventure and ride. My main goal is to just have fun with my friends!


SCOTT Contessa Scale

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  • Great story Madi! Good job! 😊 Glad we can follow the Saddle Slingers journey.

    Sarah Larsen on

  • Rooting for the Saddle Slingers from ATL, GA!! What a strong team of young ladies having fun outdoors!!

    Lynn Shine on

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