Momentum PakYak Deep Dive

Momentum PakYak Deep Dive

Written by Contender Bicycles, on September 01, 2021

The yak is not particularly well-known in the United States, but they are among the most interesting animals in the world. Sturdy and adapted to high altitudes, they are found to be excellent companions carrying loads across mountains. And while the new Momentum PakYak cargo e-bike may not be the choice for traveling through the Himalayas, the PakYak can easily be your go-to mode of transportation soon enough.

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What Is It?

Search for information on yaks and came across this? Let’s clear the air real quick: the Momentum PakYak is a cargo bike with electric assist that can carry up to 361 lbs while offering plenty of assist for your hilly, long, or stoplight-laden rides that require some extra assist. And its available at Contender Bicycles in Salt Lake City, so while finding yaks in the United States are exceedingly hard, you now know where to find the PakYak.

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What Can It Do?

The PakYak can replace your car. Here’s how.

This cargo bike features a 250W mid-drive motor made by Yamaha that they call the SyncDrive Pro. Rather than placing the motor in the rear wheel like some bikes, the PakYak’s motor is compact, light, and places its weight slightly lower to the ground. It offers a strong 80Nm torque, and thanks to its Smart Assist technology, the bike can adjust just how much assist it provides not only based on how much power you put through the pedals, but also through ride speed, grade, and terrain. Add that in with it's 28 mph assist, and you can go as fast as you need to. In short, you’ll have enough assist for your ride, regardless of load, grade, or terrain. 

The drive unit is managed by a controller found on the left side of the handlebar that they call their RideControl Dash. It houses all of the bike’s controls. It shows ride modes, things like speed, trip distance, and total distance. Need more info? There is also the RideControl app that you can download to your phone to offer additional metrics like rider power, elevation, cadence, and offer route planning and navigation as well. Riders can also adjust things like how much power in assist levels in the app, much like Shimano’s E-Tube app.

momentum pakyak motor at contender bicycles

But what about when you need to carry stuff? The PakYak is rated to carry up to 361 lbs (rider included) while still having a nimble ride. The rear rack can carry up to 102 lbs, and the front basket can carry 33 lbs. Further, that front basket is fixed in place. Those who have loaded a dog in their front basket know how hard the bike can be to control with weight on the front wheel, but a fixed front basket makes steering much easier regardless of weight.

Momentum took care of the accessories as well. The bike has a locking storage space just behind the seattube where an extra battery or gear can go, great for jackets, empty bags, or other things can go. It also features a rear wheel lock, a double kickstand to keep it stable as you load up the bike, and lights built-in front and rear. 

And if you need to carry extras, Momentum offers accessories to hold children, side pannier bags, wheel guards, and more. Need more range? There’s a range extender battery that doubles it from up to 60 miles of the original battery to up to 120 miles. That way, you’ll rarely see two of the same PakYaks.

momentum pakyak controller at contender bicycles

Is It Really That Nimble?

Yes, electric cargo bikes are heavy and can be hard to manage, but the PakYak makes things easy. 24” wheels with 2.5” tires help to keep a low center of gravity when loaded up with weight. They also enable more of a step-through design. Per Momentum, the PakYak will fit riders from 5’1” to 6’3” without modification. Its standover height of 22.8” makes it easy to handle before you’re trying to get going, and its built-in dropper seatpost allows for easy adjustment between riders without having to pull out the wrenches.



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Where Can I Find a Momentum PakYak?

Contender Bicycles may draw people in with custom road bikes, gravel bikes, and mountain bikes, but we love a good cargo bike. The Momentum PakYak fits in nicely with our range of cargo bikes from Yuba, Larry vs Harry, Urban Arrow, and more as a well-thought-out longtail. You'll have a hard time finding a yak in the United States, but you can find the PakYak in stock today, ready to roll.

Momentum PakYak

Have any questions about the Momentum PakYak? Give us a call, contact us via email or chat, or find us on social media. We are happy to assist.


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