Moots Demo Day - This Saturday!

Moots Demo Day - This Saturday!

Written by Cody Wignall, on March 03, 2021

In the bicycle world, there are titanium bicycle manufacturers, and then there's Moots. Known for their raw grey frames, the Rocky Mountains-based brand has been producing some of the best titanium road bikes, mountain bikes, and gravel bikes money can buy. Interested in riding a Moots and seeing why they're so good? Come by this Saturday March 2nd; Moots will be at our Salt Lake shop from 9 AM - 3 PM with demo bikes for the road, mountain, and gravel riding. There will be no charge for a same-day demo on any of the Moots models listed below. A photocopy of your I.D. and credit card will be required in addition to signed a release. Please contact Cody at, call him at the shop, or stop by our Salt Lake City shop. Moots Cycles is an American bicycle manufacturer located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Founded in 1981 by Kent Eriksen, who is now a member of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, Moots has been identified as a source for innovation in the bicycle industry since their inception. Originally, Moots was one of the first companies manufacturing and promoting mountain bikes. Since 1991, Moots has been manufacturing both mountain and road bicycles from titanium, and has earned praise for the quality of manufacturing, light weight, and supple ride of their bicycles. Their aesthetics are timeless and their reputation precedes them. Mountain Bikes Moots Farwell - Small | SRAM Eagle, Birch Finish Road and Gravel Bikes Moots Vamoots DR - 55 cm | Ultegra Mechanical Moots Vamoots RSL Disc - 52cm | Ultegra Mechanical Moots Vamoots RSL Disc - 58cm | Ultegra Di2 Moots Routt RSL - 52cm | Ultegra Di2, Rose Ano Finish Moots Routt RSL - 56cm | Ultegra Di2, Polish Finish Moots Routt RSL - 58cm | Ultegra Di2, Emerald Ano Finish Moots Routt 45 - 56cm | Ultegra Di2 Moots Routt 45 - 56cm | Dura-Ace Mechanical Moots Routt 45 - 58cm | Dura-Ace Mechanical The Moots Farwell is among the cream of the crop when looking for a 27.5" + hardtail mountain bike. It features their cutom-drawn titanium tubing and superior build quality, and is paired to a modern trail bike geometry. A combination of short chainstays, a slack headtube, and a short, whippy stem make for a gruff, yet responsive ride. Where this design really shines is on dry, sandy trails or wet, sloppy conditions where its wider tires, low psi and slightly-slack headtube angle keep the bike upright while pedaling. On our home trails in the Wasatch mountain range, the traction benefits are great. On our miles of rooty and rocky climbs, and mid-summer moondust descents, the Farwell is a willing companion. Moots Farwell Mountain Bike The Moots Vamoots DR is their endurance road bike option. There's a certain level of timelessness that a titanium bike exudes, and the Vamoots DR positively exudes it. The bike's upright geometry and stable handling perfectly accentuates the bike's responsive ride quality. Like a good titanium bike, it won't beat you up on a long ride, but it WILL feel more sprightly than even the best steel road bikes. Moots Vamoots Disc Road DR - Contender Bicycles The Moots Vamoots RSL Disc is the company's high-tech road bike. Quick-twitch acceleration, race-ready handling, and typical titanium ride quality find their marriage here. It's lighter than Moots's other offerings, and as such it happens to ride a bit more firmly as well. Combine that with a long and low body positioning, and the bike begs to be pushed faster and faster. For those looking for a fast road bike, the RSL Disc is a well-balanced frame that will certainly last a lifetime. Moots RSL Disc - Contender Bicycles Moots build quality aside, the standout feature of the Moots Routt RSL is it's geometry. Meant for mixed surfaces like asphalt, dirt, gravel, etc, the Routt RSL is stable and confidence-inspiring. The RSL differs from the standard Routt and Routt 45 in its more-aggressive geometry. Endurance bikes typically feature upright geometry. While comfortable, this typically takes away from the handling of the bike. The RSL uses a geometry somewhere between traditional race geo and that of new endurance bikes. The result is a high-performance, great handling bike that is equally suited to a wide range in road surfaces. Moots Routt RSL - Contender Bicycles The Moots Routt 45 features long, 45 cm chainstays for tire clearance for 44 mm-wide tires, and stability over rocky terrain. The rear triangle uses a wishbone seatstay configuration to increase lateral stiffness for efficient power transfer and acceleration while the disc brakes help you corner with speed. As a finishing touch, the cabling is routed on top of the top tube to keep the cables free of mud and dirt. Moots Routt 45 - Contender Bicycles Please contact Cody at, call him at the shop, or stop by our Salt Lake City shop if you have any questions about Moots or would like to demo a bike.


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