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New Pinarello Paris Bike First Look: Finding An All-Day Accord

Written by Contender Bicycles, on April 15, 2022

The phrase “I’m not a racer” is undoubtedly the most common phrase we hear from people looking for a new road bike. They love Egan Bernal on the new Pinarello Dogma F but realize that they don’t need quite the specialized tool of a bike like that. So what do you do if you like the ethos behind the Dogma but want something geared toward endurance riding? Well, you take a hard look at the Pinarello Paris.

What is the Pinarello Paris? The Paris is the Italian brand's endurance road bike that takes the unique characteristics of their other bikes, tunes the handling toward long-distance comfort, and provides them in a wide array of sizes.

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Pinarello Paris road bike - black on black front

Why Do People Like Pinarello?

For many, Pinarello is seen as a status symbol in the bicycle world. There are a few reasons for its popularity, we think. One is its association with winning, and doing so consistently at the highest levels of racing. There there are the characteristically-swoopy designs Pinarello is known for. Just about every Pinarello has these swoops, curves, and angles that set a Pinarello apart from other bikes that look a bit more anonymous. There’s an association there for normal cyclists; if a bike looks like the one that just won the Tour de France, that means the other models will perform similarly. And for the most part, that is the case with Pinarello.

Pinarello is unique in that their bikes are typically well-balanced. The Dogma F might be the bike at the podiums, but Pinarello doesn’t aim to make the bike a specialized tool only for climbing. Rather, the Dogma works well on just about any road or event. The same is true for the Prince road bike, and now, the same is true for the Pinarello Paris. 

Pinarello Paris road bike - blue headtube

The Paris is a bit different from other Pinarello bikes, however. Call it rounded at the edges, or more approachable of a road bike. As a result, the Paris is designed for the everyday rider who will benefit more from was built with the aim of building a bike that was comfortable but distinctly Pinarello in feel. The tube shapes are a bit different and less complex from the Prince and Dogma F in comparison. But in Pinarello’s eyes, the endurance soul that the Paris is based upon two tenants: smooth handling and endurance-specific reach and stack.

Pinarello Paris Details

As one might expect, the Paris isn’t as out and out stiff as the Dogma F. Dogma is a race bike, but Paris is tuned for a bit more comfort. That means that while the Paris has several design elements from the Dogma, a lot of its tubes are overall smaller, smoother, and generally less aggressive.

The Paris uses Toray-sourced carbon fiber like all other Pinarello carbon frames, here going with their own T600 carbon. Pinarello says it is a comfort-optimized layup aimed at absorbing road vibration over else. As one might expect for a Pinarello, the Paris uses the company’s asymmetric design, making the downtube, seatstays, and chainstays slightly larger on the drive side in an effort to add strength without making the bike too heavy. 

Pinarello Paris road bike - names and logos

Like other Pinarello bikes, the Paris shares a focus on aero efficiency. The brand’s “Flatback” tube profiles show up here for proven aerodynamic efficiency, as do Pinarello’s Fork Flaps that have been carried down from the Bolide HR track bike. The downtube water bottle is set into the downtube to smooth airflow around the water bottle, and an aero seatpost keeps airflow smooth around the bike as well.

Pinarello Paris road bike - black on black side profile

Pinarello claims the Prince fits a 30mm tire with plenty of space. We think you can fit a whole lot bigger than that without much issue. They also claim a raw carbon 53cm frame weighs in at 980g, light enough for a frame at this price point. 

Geometry and Fit

Pinarello is unique in their dedication to wide size ranges. The Paris offers a remarkable nine sizes, with the smallest sizes feeling smaller than the previous Easy Fit bikes, and the largest sizes providing a whole lot of stack height and reach. Pinarello also offers two different fork rakes based on size in an effort to maintain a similar riding experience regardless of size. The three smallest sizes get a 52mm fork offset while the other sizes get a 47mm offset fork, and larger sizes are stiffer than smaller sizes in an effort to maintain ride feel across all sizes.

pinarello paris bike geometry

Endurance geometry doesn't just mean less reach and more stack. It also means a longer front and rear center. This refers to the length between the bottom bracket and front hub, and rear-center refers to the length between the rear hub and the bottom bracket.

pinarello paris bike - blue bike front side profile


Compared to the Prince and Dogma F, the Pinarello Paris is more upright and frankly aligned with the needs of an everyday rider. Not everyone needs the stiffest bike out there and would assuredly benefit from the lighter handling and more upright positioning of the Paris. It might be called an endurance bike but we much prefer a different name: a Pinarello for non-racers. More roughly translated, a Pinarello for everyone.

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  • R Fausel I recommend a size 46.5

    Kleiber on

  • Hi there! Pinarello officially claims the Paris to have a 30mm tire clearance, though I think you could fit a 32mm in most tires. 

    Alvin - Contender Bicycles on

  • What is the widest tire that will fit on a P Paris? 25mm,28mm,32mm?

    R Fausel on

  • Im 64 years old from the philippines, I never had an endurance bike before but I owned a pinarello FP Due which is 53 on size frame, not my size actually. I need help on which size will I need to buy a pinarello paris. My friend from Los Angeles suggested for me to own an endurance bike for my age and of course for a comfort ride. I ride 2 to 3 times a week ,I bike 15 to 20 kms on each ride , limited ride because I dont own a comfortable bike, so do you think that by owning a pinarello paris will help me ride longer kms. and enjoy every moment of it?
    FYI, my height is 165 cm.
    hope you can help me before purchase to get the right size for me.
    thank you,

    tito santos on

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