The 2020 Contender Club is Going to Be All About You

Written by Alvin Holbrook, on March 03, 2021

Looks are subjective, but the 2020 Contender Club Kit is objectively good looking. And if that’s all the Club Kit was, then we’d write something flowery and advise you that the kit is available in both men’s and women’s fits, for road, gravel, and eventually Contender mountain tech tees towards the summer. But for this year, we hope to do things differently and that involves every one of you. 2020 Contender Bicycles Club Clothing We want the Contender community and colors to be a place of unity, to bring like-minded cyclists together to share experiences regardless of goals or background. In the past, we’ve taken full ownership of that, down to every single group ride. The thing is though, we alone aren’t the club – the club and the community around it is everyone who participates, contributes, and rides with one another. The Contender Club is what you all want it to be, with your investment.

That’s why we are mixing things up and democratizing rides and events this year. Want to go ride gravel bikes in Summit County? We’ll offer up ride suggestions and give you the platform to invite whomever you’d like to organize a ride through our Strava account. What if you want to see who is going to the Tuesday Morning Stay Park City ride? Post to the Contender Strava group. Same thing with a fat bike ride or a quick lap of Flying Dog. We will continue to have a weekend group ride and a shorter Monday night recovery road ride led by members of the cycling community. These rides will last through the spring and summer, but if you want to organize a hammerfest on a Wednesday afternoon you will have a healthy group of riders who can join you. Contender Bicycles Group Rides - Strava Community and rider investment isn’t lost on us. Buying any piece of 2020 Contender Club Kit apparel nets you myriad discounts, including:

  • 20% off nutrition, tubes, tires, and C02.
  • 20% off tire sealant, cleaners, and lubricants.
  • 15% off of normally-priced Contender-branded apparel. This includes tees, jerseys, bibs, socks and more. Excluding 2020 Contender Club Kit.

We will also be sure to offer other Contender-specific perks as they come along through the season. Stay tuned over email or social media, we’ll make it worth your while. Discounts are valid from the day you purchase a piece of kit until the end of 2020.

This year’s kit offerings are focused on what we found people want the most. We have short sleeve jerseys in our classic or PRR cuts, a choice of shorts or bib shorts, a wind vest, two different long sleeve jerseys, and a new Contender AquaZero jacket fit for inclement weather and cooler temperatures. We also offer a women’s specific classic jersey, bib shorts, and shorts. See the full range of 2020 Contender Club apparel HERE. We will be sure to keep the fun events flowing through the summer, but ultimately it is your investment and participation that makes Contender and it's community what it is today. We are here to help keep the ball rolling.

If you haven’t joined us on Strava or signed up for our club email, you’re missing out. Come join us for a ride in Salt Lake City or Park City, where our rides include everything under the sun. As always, rides are open to everyone regardless of what kit they wear, though we believe you’ll look better in the 2020 Club Kit, objectively speaking of course.

Have any questions? Give us a call during business hours, post to the Contender Strava account or send us an email at any time to


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