The Contender Coffee & Cocoa Long Sleeve Jersey is Available Now

Written by Contender Bicycles, on March 03, 2021

The weekly coffee ride is a tradition almost as old as cycling itself. Slip on the brand new Contender Coffee & Cocoa Long Sleeve Jersey, gather with friends at the coffee shop, consume some caffeine, and chat before hitting the road for as many miles as seem good that day.

Bike clubs and friends have gathered at coffee shops as long as they’ve made matchy-match kits. But 2020 has thrown a wrench into traditions and gathering with friends at the coffee shop before and after a ride just isn’t what it used to be - for now, at least.

Still, we know hot, frothy beverages remain a staple for cyclists of all kinds, even if the group ride has become a solo ride.

With that spirit in mind, Contender Bicycles has relaunched our popular Coffee & Cocoa Jersey. This time, however, we’ve changed with the seasons and are offering up a long sleeve thermal edition of the jersey that sold out quickly last spring. But what’s better than a cool jersey at a hot price? How does free coffee or cocoa sound?

That’s what we thought.

Each Contender Bicycles Coffee & Cocoa Long Sleeve jersey comes with a $20 gift card to our favorite local coffee shop, Coffee Garden in Salt Lake City’s historic 9th & 9th neighborhood. Coffee Garden might be best known for its namesake cup of java, but there’s a lot more on the menu than coffee. Delicious pastries, teas, Italian sodas, sandwiches, and quiches present almost as many tasty options as you’ll find for bikes at Contender just a block away.

Coffee Garden has been the go-to shop for Contender staff either before work or for a midday pick-me-up run, so partnering with them is natural for us and our 9th & 9th neighborhood.

The Coffee & Cocoa Long Sleeve Jersey is a long sleeve version of the jersey we offered this past spring, but thermal to keep you warm on the outside while the hot beverage does the trick for the inside. It features a high collar and full zipper to help keep exposed skin to a minimum as you pedal along in the cool fall and winter months, while a silicone strip at the jersey's hem keeps it planted while you ride. Three pockets in the back hold your gear, such as your gloves while you gently hold your mug and sip.

With a little luck, the group ride that starts and ends at your favorite coffee shop will make a return in due time. Until then, get in your winter miles with the Contender Bicycles Coffee & Cocoa Long Sleeve Jersey.

Contender Coffee & Cocoa Long Sleeve Jersey
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