The SCOTT 2021 Road and Gravel Bike Range: Changes, Updates, and What’s Best for You

The SCOTT 2021 Road and Gravel Bike Range: Changes, Updates, and What’s Best for You

Written by Contender Bicycles, on March 03, 2021

We have only just started to see 2021 SCOTT bikes trickle in, but we have fielded loads of questions about what’s changed for the new year. As such, we have rounded up some of the most important changes to the SCOTT road bike line for 2021 to help you figure out what bike is best for you.

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SCOTT Addict RC 2021 Road Bike - Contender Bicycles


The SCOTT Addict RC is a mainstay in the pro peloton and for ambitious riders alike. The Addict RC is the brand’s lightest road bike made for climbing and descending in mind. That said, this latest generation of Addict RC adds is designed with aerodynamics in mind. Addict RC features integrated cable routing for mechanical and electronic shifting alike, with ample clearance for 28c tires.

The 2021 SCOTT Addict RC is largely unchanged from the previous model year. Most every model receives updated paint schemes for the new model year, while nearly every SRAM eTap AXS-equipped bike receives a Quarq power meter.

Choose the Addict RC if you’re looking for a lightweight road bike with sharp handling and power transfer that will surprise in its all-around capability.

Addict RC 15

The 2021 SCOTT Addict RC 15 road bike ticks all the boxes needed for a truly all-around road bike. It starts with a lightweight HMF carbon frame that utilizes fully-internal cable routing. Shimano Ultegra Di2 shifting is largely faultless, and Syncros Capital 1.0 carbon wheels allow the bike to surge forward with every pedal stroke. Available in two colors.SCOTT Addict RC 15 Grey and Komodo Green

SCOTT Addict

SCOTT’s Addict road bike impresses with a unique combination of smooth ride quality, confidence-inspiring handling, and low weight. The Addict shows SCOTT’s mastery of carbon layup doesn’t just work for the very best SCOTT bikes available but for bikes fit for normal riders. It features an upright rider position and plenty of clearance for a 28c tire.

The 2021 SCOTT Addict road bike is largely unchanged from the previous model year, with a change of paint schemes being the main difference from the 2020 Addict. The only change is the adoption of a disc brake-only line.

Choose the Addict road bike if you’re looking for a comfortable road bike that doesn’t skimp on features.

Addict SE Disc

New for this year in the 2021 SCOTT Addict SE line is a change to SRAM Force eTap AXS shifting. This 2x12 drivetrain offers quick shifts, reliable performance, and wide-range gearing to help you ride just about anywhere. This might be the looker of the bunch, with metallic blue SCOTT logos complementing the gray metallic paint scheme. SCOTT Addict SE 2021 Addict 10 Disc

Little has changed on the 2021 SCOTT Addict 10 Disc. Shimano Ultegra mechanical offers some of the best performance Shimano has available in a more robust, durable package. Its carbon frame is lightweight and does a great job of absorbing road vibration. 28c tires further this bike's comfort quotient with no loss in handling or acceleration. SCOTT Addict 20 2021 Blue Addict 20 Disc

Disc brakes, a carbon frame, and a reliable Shimano 105 drivetrain set the Addict 20 Disc apart. The 2021 SCOTT Addict 20 Disc is available in a pearl white color as well as a dark blue, making it easy to find a bike that not only rides well but looks great while you're out and about. SCOTT Addict 20 2021 White

SCOTT Addict Gravel

As gravel bikes have matured, more niches have also developed. The SCOTT Addict Gravel falls firmly into the performance-oriented niche, prioritizing low weight, stiffness, and agile handing. Paired to a 40c tires, the Addict Gravel can take you almost anywhere you want to go - road, gravel, light singletrack, and more.

Not much has changed for the 2021 SCOTT Addict Gravel. New paint schemes are the largest difference across model years. Like before, Addict gravel is available in five sizes (XS-XL).

Choose the Addict Gravel if you're looking for a lightweight and efficient gravel bike. Its performance-oriented feel isn't for everyone, but those looking for road bike-like feel will be right at home on this bike.

SCOTT Addict Gravel
Addict Gravel 20


The 2021 SCOTT Addict Gravel 20 utilizes a lightweight HMF carbon frame, Syncros components, and a Shimano GRX 11-speed drivetrain. New for the model year is a revised paint scheme, meaning you still get plenty of clearance for a 40c tire, smooth handling, and quick acceleration. 

SCOTT Addict Gravel 20 2021



At first blush, the SCOTT Foil looks to be an unforgiving tool used eek every bit of energy you put through the pedals. And for the most part, the Foil is just that. The Foil is a bit more than that however; it fits a 30c tire for impressive comfort, its race-ready geometry toes the line between responsive and twitchy, and its low weight as an aero road bike makes this a great climber too. What that leads to a is a race-worthy bike that won't beat you up for choosing to ride it outside of going pedal to the medal.

Fast, comfortable, and endlessly capable, the 2021 SCOTT Foil aero bike is updated with fully internal cable routing for both mechanical and electronic shifting. So while the frame remains the same proven Foil, the fork, headset, and handlebar is updated to make space for internal cable routing, as on the Addict RC. All bikes utilize the Syncros Creston iC SL integrated carbon handlebar as well. Improved aerodynamics to what SCOTT claims is the most versatile aero bike on the market makes the Foil more desirable than ever.

The SCOTT Foil is available in seven sizes (XXS-XXL) in disc-brake only models.

SCOTT Foil 2021 in action
SCOTT Foil 10


SCOTT claims it is the most versatile aero bike on the market, thanks in large part to its wide tire clearances, improved aerodynamics, and low weight. The 2021 SCOTT Foil 10 features a SRAM Force eTap AXS drivetrain, aerodynamic Syncros Capital 50mm carbon wheels, and a Syncros Creston iC SL carbon handlebar/stem setup.

SCOTT Foil 10 2021


SCOTT Speedster Gravel

All-around road bike or gravel adventurer? The 2021 SCOTT Speedster Gravel is fit to do it all. Ride comfort stemming from larger tires provides the ability to explore your local gravel roads or simply ride on the road with greater comfort. It ticks all the boxes needed for a modern bike: hydraulic disc brakes, thru-axles front and rear for improved stiffness, and comfortable geometry that allows the Speedster Gravel to be ridden all day.

The SCOTT Speedster Gravel holds strong to its strong formula of low weight, value for money, and comfort. The 2021 SCOTT Speedster Gravel receives new colors and thru-axles front and rear.

Speedster Gravel is available in seven sizes.

SCOTT Speedster Gravel
SCOTT Speedster Gravel 20


The 2021 SCOTT Speedster Gravel 20 is an easygoing allroad bike. Its 35c tires ensure it rolls quickly on both dirt and pavement, while hydraulic disc brakes mean it stops with authority. The Speedster Gravel 20 features a 2x Shimano GRX drivetrain for wide-range gearing with typical Shimano reliability.

SCOTT Speedster Gravel 20
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  • The max tire clearance on the 2021 Speedster gravel is a 35mm tire. The max tire clearance however on the 2022 Speedster is 45mm.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!

    Alvin - Contender Bicycles on

  • What is the maximum tyre size that be fitted in Scott Speedster 20 gravel to be able to ride in chunky loose pebble roads. Not muddy though.

    N Khogendra on

  • The specs between the Addict Gravel 20 And Speedster Gravel 20 seem very similar, but there are some differences. Key differences are that the Addict Gravel 20 nets nicer wheels, a carbon seatpost, and a nicer version of Shimano GRX – think Ultegra to the 105-level of GRX found on the Speedster Gravel 20.

    The differences between the 2022 model year are similar – slightly nicer drivetrain, wheels, and a carbon seatpost.

    Let me know if you have any other questions, Glen!

    Alvin - Contender Bicycles on

  • Is the geometry the same between the carbon gravel 20 and the speedster gravel 20? Also. Same components?

    Glen on

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