Tiger Stripes, Knuckle Tats, and New Contender MTB Jerseys and Gloves

Tiger Stripes, Knuckle Tats, and New Contender MTB Jerseys and Gloves

Written by Contender Bicycles, on March 03, 2021

As much as we love all of the apparel we carry at Contender Bicycles, there are times where we feel we can do it a little better. With our own imprint of style and hopefully a touch of panache, our goal is to make you feel you're wearing something special. Between our Contender club kits and myriad of limited-run jerseys, we've done some cool kit in the past. This collaboration with is no different. With our new jerseys and new gloves courtesy of Giro Sport Design, we're excited to show off our latest round of designs to set you apart from the pack. Contender x Giro Roust MTB Men's and Women's Jerseys Contender Bicycles Custom Giro Roust Jersey - Salt Lake City, Park City, Utah. Tigers can't change their stripes even if they wanted to. Contender can, mostly because underneath a tiger's fur is MORE STRIPES. Crazy. We took the liberty to embrace our superior adaptability with this new jersey. Our jersey eschews the bright neon and sometimes-garish graphics of mountain bike-specific jerseys for something a bit more understated. We're thrilled with the results of our use of stripes; both the men's and women's jerseys look and feel great. Good design shouldn't cost anything extra, and the Giro Roust is the perfect example of smart design at a reasonable price. It's polyester construction wicks well, and the interior lens wipe is a clever touch. Fit is relaxed without being baggy, but the key here is enough space for body armor, if that's your thing. Contender Giro Women's Roust Jersey - Salt Lake City, Utah Contender x Giro DND Park City Gloves Knuckle tattoos aren't for everyone. They're sort of like tiger stripes; once they're there, they're there to stay. But again we aren't tigers, and we aren't confined to our stripes. Maybe one day you want to Park City, but the next day you just want to blend in with everyone else. Rep Park City in the coolest way with one of our favorite cycling gloves around. The Giro DND is everything you need in a glove and nothing more. It's suede palm doesn't bunch up, provides excellent feel, and the upper breathes well while still providing some protection. The pointer finger is touchscreen-sensitive, which makes the DND an essential for anyone looking for protection. Giro Contender Park City DND Gloves


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