(VIDEO) Suspension Showdown: Comparing Three Gravel Bikes with Suspension

(VIDEO) Suspension Showdown: Comparing Three Gravel Bikes with Suspension

Written by Contender Bicycles, on March 03, 2021

Prefer video to reading? We've put the Cannondale Topstone Carbon, BMC URS, and Lauf True Grit, three of the industry's premier suspension gravel bikes, to the test to help you determine which bike best suits your needs.

Which bike is for you? The Cannondale Topstone Carbon and BMC URS have rear suspension systems that aid in pedaling comfort. It replicates what a wider tire can do without the added rotational weight and sponginess that can come with wider tires. On the other hand, the Lauf True Grit and its Grit SL fork, add control and capability that makes you a better rider. Neither point has major flaws, and all three suspension systems prove that suspension on a gravel bike isn’t merely a gimmick.

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