Tollgate Canyon

Written by Carlos Interone, on March 04, 2021

An interesting choice, if only because nobody really thinks about it. Found between Coalville and Wanship, traffic is fairly minimal considering that this is technically a residential area. The ride itself is pretty, lined with pine, and is an excellent way to get out of the heat. More than anything, this is a fun change of pace from the usual rides in Park City.

The loop can start anywhere you’d like, and if you’re coming from Park City, the rail trail is a fun way to get to the Tollgate Canyon. From the start of tollgate, riders can take either the Princess Di loop (link found here, ideal on a mountain bike), or Tollgate Canyon Road, which is paved. Plenty of ascending (and descending) hairpins that make this area far more fun than it has any right to be. From here, take the trail down Left Fork Alexander Canyon, past the distillery, and down to the rail trail. Take Tollgate Canyon Road up the mountain for a few miles (careful for downhill traffic), and by Nordic Loop you’ll hit a combo of dirt and pavement. Follow the tracking, or get lost and find cool vistas

The dirt roads can get washboard-y, so if you haven’t dropped the pressure on your tires, now’s the time. While it is somewhat a residential area, the views are fantastic, and the roads are mostly unused. Though the climb and initial dirt roads are tame, you’ll want something with a wider tire the deeper you go. There are private roads the further up you go, so tread lightly.