Berin Klawiter

Written by Contender Staff, on April 09, 2021

When Contender decided to up our e-commerce game, we knew we needed to up our image game as well. Berin joined the team and has been taking phenomenal pictures ever since he arrived. A snowboarder and mountain biker from Steamboat Springs, Berin isn’t so much into racing and going fast as he’s into having a great experience and seeing incredible sights. Berin helps out with our social media, helps keep the website accurate and pretty. Whether hiking, skiing or riding Bobsled on his Orbea Occum M10, Berin has an eye for the beauty of nature.

Dream Bike: Santa Cruz V10, It's just made for pure downhill fun and big lines. 

Fun Fact: I like to eat kiwis with the skin on... Idk they’re just better that way, less clean up too.