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Bicycles have come a long way over the years. More than ever, bikes feature better materials, greater mechanical reliability, and higher performance. This has led to an arms race of sorts for bicycles, as new technologies have overshadowed the value of matching the ideal bicycle to the correct owner and their desired uses. Sadly, the ability to customize a bicycle right from the start has become a lost tradition in the marketplace.

There is a certain allure to building up a frame from scratch. Part of it has to be the idea of having a bike unlike any other on the road, one-of-a-kind and built exactly for how the bike will be used. Part of it also has to be the ability to make something truly reflect your individual tastes, instead of merely choosing a bike off the rack. Both require a caring eye to build something truly special.

We are pleased to say that we’ve expanded our range of framesets to the critically-acclaimed BMC Roadmachine RM01 Frameset, at an unbeatable price. And to get the wheels spinning on how you could build up your RM01, check out a few of our suggested builds.

BMC Roadmachine RM01 Disc Module Frameset - Contender Bicycles

SEE OPTIONS BMC Roadmachine RM01 Frameset $2,499.99

BMC designed this frame with the idea of making it as fast as their Teammachine, but as comfortable as their Granfondo. To do so, they went back to the basics: intelligent frame design. Without the use of elastomers, bearings, or shock cartridges, BMC managed to make this frame exceptionally comfortable simply by beefing up stress points and making other points as thin as possible to flex and absorb vibration. BMC claims that bottom bracket stiffness is within 5-10% of the race-oriented Teammachine frame but the fork compliance is close to the upright Granfondo. This lends to an interesting sensation of speed and comfort. Additionally the frameset has a lower-than-average bottom bracket, which lends to an innate sense of stability in high-speed corners. In terms of performance, the Roadmachine RM01 really is a do-it-all-bike, as it combines the best attributes of race and endurance bikes into one bicycle.

SEE OPTIONS BMC Roadmachine RM01 Shimano Ultegra Mechanical $4,299.99

Shimano Ultegra mechanical provides top-level performance at a reasonable cost. Pair this with a frame as high-end as the BMC Roadmachine RM01, and you have a formula for an excellent do-it-all road bike. An excellent array of parts from HED, Easton, and Pirelli, and make the bike smooth, quick, and versatile all-road bike.

BMC Roadmachine RM01 Ultegra Mechanical

SEE OPTIONS BMC Roadmachine RM01 Shimano Ultegra Di2 $4,799.99

BMC tout the Roadmachine as the one-bike collection, with the stiffness of a race bike and comfort of an endurance road bike. With 28mm tires and an integrated stem and seatpost, the bike looks as seamless as it functions. The Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic group offers ultra-quick shifting versatility that perfectly matches the character of the BMC Roadmachine RM01.

BMC Roadmachine RM01 Ultegra Di2

SEE OPTIONS BMC Roadmachine RM01 SRAM RED eTap AXS $6,799.99

The SRAM RED eTap AXS build uses SRAM’s newest eTap road group with one of the best road bikes available today. SRAM’s 2×12 gearing configuration perfectly complements the all-day riding intentions of the BMC Roadmachine RM01. The SRAM RED eTap AXS group is intuitive to use and is as cutting-edge as the rest of the bike is.

BMC Roadmachine RM01 eTap AXS


Image of Joe
Joe says
April 5th, 2018

What is the weight of the RM01 with your Red Etap Build ($5899) for a size 56 frame? I am very interested in this bike and your build looks very intriguing.

Reply to Joe


Image of Alvin Holbrook
Alvin Holbrook says
April 5th, 2018


With our stock build, we've seen a 58 cm eTap-equipped bike weigh in at 16.2 pounds, and a 54 cm eTap bike with Zipp 303 wheels (slightly heavier) and an ENVE handlebar at 15.4 pounds. We expect the stock bike in 56 cm to weigh just under 16 pounds.

They're truly excellent bikes, and we have just one more frame in 56cm available!

Reply to Alvin Holbrook

Image of James Riccelli
James Riccelli says
June 10th, 2018

I'm interested in the rm01 ultegra di2 build size 54. What is the weight for that build?



Reply to James Riccelli


Image of Alvin Holbrook
Alvin Holbrook says
June 11th, 2018


I just weighed the exact bike you're talking about (RM01, 54cm, Ultegra Di2), and it weighed in right at 17 lb before cutting the steerer tube, without pedals, and with 30c tires + tubes.

Reply to Alvin Holbrook

Image of Jose Caraballo
Jose Caraballo says
June 14th, 2018

Hi team -

Great site.

Couple of questions:
Does the ultegra di2 disk build come in the blue color frame in size 54?
If not, how much would the blue frameset module cost?
Do you still ship to PR?
How long would it take from order to shipping?
Approximately how much would it cost?


Reply to Jose Caraballo

Image of Marc
Marc says
August 12th, 2018

Can you send me pricing on this build 58cm

Thank you

Reply to Marc

Image of Jonathan Greene
Jonathan Greene says
October 28th, 2018

Is this sale still going on and if so please contact me on what frame choices you have in 58cm

Reply to Jonathan Greene


Image of Cody Wignall
Cody Wignall says
October 31st, 2018

Hi Jonathan. The sale is still going on, we have a few options still available. We are currently sold out of the Roadmachine 01 Disc Frameset in size 58cm, however we do have a complete bike available. The model is a 2018 BMC Roadmachine 02 TWO Ultegra. It is size 58cm and is the color "Carbon/Red/Blue". The 2018 model is regularly $3,999 and is on sale for $3,199. If you are interested please leave us a comment, contact the shop or email me at Thanks!

Reply to Cody Wignall


Image of Tahna
Tahna says
June 6th, 2019

Hi, I’m interested in this bike with the Di2 in a size 52, do you have one available?

Reply to Tahna


Image of Cody Wignall
Cody Wignall says
June 6th, 2019


We do have a 2018 BMC RM01 size 51cm available with Di2. It is the carbon classic color (black/red/white). If you are interested please send me an email to, reach me at the shop at 801-364-0344 or leave us a comment. We will be happy to take care of you, thanks!


Reply to Cody Wignall

Image of Julio Batista
Julio Batista says
August 19th, 2019

I am interested in starting to ride a bicycle and I would like to be informed with what type of bike I can initial

Reply to Julio Batista


Image of Cody Wignall
Cody Wignall says
August 19th, 2019

Hi Julio. I am happy to help you find a bicycle for you. Feel free to call me at the shop at 801-364-0344 or send me an email to Thank you.

Reply to Cody Wignall

Image of Chad
Chad says
September 8th, 2019

Do you have any Roadmachine 01 in Ultegra di2 in size 56? If so what color?

Reply to Chad


Image of Alvin Holbrook
Alvin Holbrook says
September 9th, 2019


We have Roadmachine 01 in the classic carbon colorway (black/blue/red) in 56 cm, ready to be built however you'd like. We also have a few other options in Roadmachine 01 and 02 complete builds that can be adjusted however you'd want your next bike to be built. Feel free to send me (Alvin) or Cody an email.

Reply to Alvin Holbrook

Image of Stan
Stan says
October 9th, 2019

Do you have a RoadMachine rm01 in size 51 with di2?

Reply to Stan


Image of Alvin Holbrook
Alvin Holbrook says
October 9th, 2019

We have size 51 framesets available to be built however you'd like. Holler if you have any questions, I am happy to assist.

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