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Cervelo was founded by two engineers who knew they could build a better race bike, and in turn, wasted no time jumping to the front of the pack. Fueled by innovation, engineered with Formula 1 testing protocol, and putting their bikes under the fastest racers launched them to great success. Cervelo bikes have graced the top steps in the Giro d’Italia, the Tour de France and are always the most popular, and often the fastest, at any triathlon. Whether you are looking for a lightweight climber, an aero racer or a clock beating time triathlon bike, Cervelo has a high performance bicycle for you.

2017 Cervelo P5X SRAM eTAP Complete Bike

2017 Cervelo R5 Dura-Ace

2017 Cervelo S5 Shimano Dura Ace

Starting in 1995 Gerard Vroomen and Phil White applied innovation, engineering and Computer Aided Design to create bicycles for the best riders in the world. They chose the name Cervelo through combining the Italian word for brain, and French word for bicycle, and quickly became one of the most progressive manufacturers in the industry. Their engineering-focused design has gained Cervelo a reputation for offering some of the most aerodynamic and lightest bicycles on the market.

Their realization that that the majority of a rider’s power goes towards moving air informed the design of the first Cervelo triathlon bike. After that Cervelo quickly realized the potential for improving the performance of road bikes through advanced aerodynamics. This potential was quickly put to the test by professional racers with great results. And since their introduction nearly every bike manufacturer has followed suit offering up wind-cheating road machines. For 2017 we will see the addition of S3d, disc-equipped aero-road bike, to their high-end aero lineup.

Where the S3 truly shines is in it’s ride quality. With a few manufacturers coming in close behind, the Cervelo S5 may be the most aero road bike on the market. However a lot of these top-end aero road bikes suffer from being overly vertically stiff. This results in a harsh, wooden ride quality; something that might be acceptable for short, high intensity racing but it is not what the average rider may hope for from their bike. In contrast the Cervelo S3 provides a livelier, more compliant feel without losing any of the torsional stiffness. This results in a bike that will be more comfortable after hours in the saddle. To achieve this Cervelo coupled the narrow, flat seatstays of it’s famed R-series bikes to the S3’s shallower airfoils and manufactured the bike using lower modulus carbon fiber.

Cervelo R5 Shimano Dura-Ace Riding

Along with superior aerodynamics, Cervelo has also applied their engineering expertise to the development of stronger and lighter carbon fiber layups in each new frame design. In doing so they can create a race bike that is stiff at the bottom bracket while offering vibration-taming vertical compliance for a nicer ride. Instead of calling out “high modulus” carbon fiber or other non-standardized buzzwords, Cervelo claims that they engineer with the correct carbon fiber to get the most out of any given design. Their bikes back this claim with an exceptional ride quality and race winning pedigree.

Here in Utah it’s hard to spend a day in the saddle without doing at least 1000 feet of climbing, and often we find ourselves doing thousands more. Although there are certainly lighter bikes on the market, the benefits of this weight loss are likely less than most expect. The S3 is a reasonably trim bike (coming in at 16.82lb for a Di2 equipped 56cm bike, a scant 0.26lb heavier than a similarly equipped R3). Coupled with its aero advantage (a benefit on all but the steepest climbs) and amazing ride quality, the Cervelo S3 is certainly a top contender at the shop for the best bike in this price range. With their more budget friendly S2 that serves up almost all the positives of the S3 or the flat-land destroying S5, Cervelo has an aero bike to fit any rider’s needs and budget. However for those who still can’t wrap their heads around the non-traditional tube shapes or simply want the lightest bike they can afford, Cervelo’s R-series bikes clearly stand out in the line.


Personal. Best.

2017 Cervelo P5X SRAM Red eTap

Riding into 2017 Cervelo is releasing the dramatic new P5x into the competitive triathlon/time-trial field. This unreal looking bike takes Cervelo’s aerodynamic know-how to the next level with an X-style frame and many integrated features allowing it to beat the clock like no bike before it. They have also taken into account the serious athletes travel extensively with their bikes and have made packing and shipping easier than any other tri bike on the market. To this end they also have a custom travel case available to complete the kit and travel in style.

Already responsible for the most winning and most popular tri bikes ever, Cervelo has re-written the book with their new P5x. When turning this concept into reality Cervelo first targeted the frame’s aerodynamics and knew that a shift away from the traditional diamond shape was needed to make a faster triathlon bike. With an open X frame – also referred to as beam design – Its looks might be controversial but the new found speed will speak for itself. As a complete bike the P5x is available in two iterations, the top-end SRAM eTap and ENVE edition, alongside a second version with proven Ultegra Di2 and HED wheels. Both will use the same groundbreaking frame-set built up with different parts.

Cervelo has chosen to offer the P5x in small, medium, large and extra-large size options. These sizes are based on rider’s points of contact and not just a stand-over height measurement. This allows for an aerodynamic fit that easy to hold for hours at a time. Another major difference, for most triathletes, will be the factory installed hydraulic disc brakes on the  P5x. With the advantages being better stopping power and improved speed control in all weather conditions, no more overheating of expensive carbon rims and easier disassembly of the bike for shipping. For now these bikes have the TRP HY/RD brakes that use standard mechanical brake cables with a hydraulic reservoir in the caliper for easy maintenance in addition to all the benefits of disc brakes.

S3 Disc

A Workhorse Unleashed

2017 Cervelo S3 Disc Dave Zabriskie Riding

Another Cervelo to receive the benefits of better brakes in 2017 is the S3 Disc. Already their most aero road bike, the S3 Disc steps on the gas with a stiffer frame, increased aerodynamics and the all-weather stopping performance of hydraulic disc brakes. Wind-tunnel testing has resulted in fine-tuned frame shapes and a high-profile seat tube that wraps over the rear wheel for decreased turbulence and greatly reduced drag. These wide tubes feed into the oversized BB-Right bottom-bracket junction that allows Cervelo to build a more responsive frame that will accelerate on demand and turn every pedal stroke into forward motion. Small details like all-carbon rear dropouts and Future-Proof routing options for cable, wired or wireless shifting systems keep the S3 Disc looking clean with no added bits to slow you down. Cervelo has taken cues from their extremely lightweight project California bikes to shave a little weight from the S3 frameset and turn the S3 Disc into a hammer for heavy hitters. As with many of its predecessors this Cervelo is already receiving ample praise from the cycling press as being one of the road bikes to have for 2017. The new S3 Disc is what to be on for distance rides where your every watt must be turned into speed on the road.

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