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Open MIND Made In California Frame

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Open MIND Made In California Frame

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Brand: OPEN
Categories: Road Bikes
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OPEN MIN.D California Frameset OPEN MIN.D California Frameset

OPEN MIN.D California Frameset

Old school sensibility with the latest technology.


Product Description

Read everything you need to know about the OPEN MIND California Frameset on the Contender Journal.

The OPEN MIND California frameset is perhaps the finest frame OPEN has made yet. It is a road bike designed for people who want nothing more than the finest riding experience ever. Better yet, they don't want something optimized for pro riders to race and discard, but something that feels smoother the faster they go, snappier with every push of the pedals, and communicates as the perfect middle man between you and the road. The MIND California is just that, only optimized with lighter weight, additional snappiness, and surprisingly, even more ride compliance.

As one might expect, the MIND California shares quite a bit with the standard MIND. It shares the same continuous seattube and integrated seatmast OPEN designed in an effort to maximize comfort without using elastomers, bushings, or suspension. It also utilizes the same geometry as the MIND. The trail numbers promote agile turn-in, while bottom bracket heights bring stability as you carve your favorite mountain switchbacks. The fit measurements are a bit more on the moderate side of the spectrum in an effort to keep the drops of the handlebars within easy reach for us mere mortals. It is by all accounts an excellent base from which to start.

A size large frame weighs in at 775g with hardware and seatmast. Considering an ENVE 27.2mm zero-offset seatpost weighs in at 168g, this vaults the MIND California to the top of the list for those who value weight savings.

Of course, this frameset comes to us in all its carbon glory, ready to be painted. With our in house paint option, we recommend a light, tinted clearcoat to protect the frame from UV. We also recommend a contrasting logo so the OPEN gravel bike in the garage knows that the new bike is part of the family.

Want one for yourself? Contact us. We'd love to help you into a frameset, custom build, or a ready to paint option as well. 



Open Mind Geometry image

rider height1 5’3"-5’7" 5’6"-5’11" 5’10"-6’3" 6’2"-6’8"
BB-to-saddle rail max.2 700 740 780 820
Saddle height max2. 740 780 820 860
stack 535 560 585 610
reach 361 373 385 397
standover3 743 769 792 816
headtube angle 71° 72.5° 72.5° 72.5°
headtube length 135 158 184 210
fork offset 50 50 50 50
seattube angle 72.5° 72.5° 72.5° 72.5°
seattube angle (norm.4) 74.0° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5°
toptube length 530 550 569 589
toptube length (norm.4) 515 540 559 589
BB drop 73 71 71 71
front center 578 584 604 623
rear center 405 405 405 405
wheelbase 971 978 998 1018
  1. Estimates; for accuracy use stack/reach of your current gravel/road bike or a fit session.
  2. Maximum when using 5mm spacer, giving 10mm safety margin on top (30mm margin with MOCT seattube top clamp). Assuming 40mm rail-to-saddle deck (40-45mm is standard for most saddles).
  3. Standover to the top of the toptube directly above the BB (varies with tire size).
  4. Normalized dimensions to compare to frames with standard (non-zero-offset) seattubes.


Frame-only size L, ±3% 775g (unpainted, uncut seatmast)
Fork-only weight, ±3% 335g (uncut steerer)
Sizes S/M/L/XL
RTP (Ready-to-paint) A clearcoat is not needed for UV protection but recommended to protect against scratches and wear. Some customers leave the frame bare. See Contender Custom Paint Gallery for paint ideas.
BB standard BB386EVO pressfit 86.5x46mm BB shell
Front derailleur mount Yes
Rear thru-axle 142x12mm superlight Carbon-Ti X-12
Front thru-axle 100x12mm superlight Carbon-Ti X-12
Front disc rotor size 160mm only
Front brake caliper mount Smartmount 160 system attaches flatmount caliper, without adaptor, for 160mm rotors
Front brake bolts SRAM 2x 37mm ""REAR” brake bolts for 30mm “chainstay” (SRAM part# 00.5318.005.008)
Front brake bolts Shimano 2x 43.2mm “REAR” brake bolts for 30mm “chainstay” (Shimano part# Y8N208030)
Front brake bolts Campagnolo Use Campagnolo SuperRecord “140 mm REAR” disc caliper with 1 bolt “for 20-24 mm rear mount” and 1 bolt “for 25-29mm rear mount” to attach directly to the R-Turn fork
Rear disc rotor size 160mm only
Rear brake caliper mount Smartmount 160 system attaches flatmount caliper, without adaptor, for 160mm rotors
Rear brake bolts SRAM 1x 27mm (SRAM part# 00.5318.005.004), 1x 32mm (SRAM part# 00.5318.005.006)
Rear brake bolts Shimano 1x 33.2mm (part# Y8N208010), 1x 38.2mm (part# Y8N208020)
Rear brake bolts Campagnolo Use Campagnolo SuperRecord “140 mm REAR” disc caliper with 1 bolt “for 20-24 mm rear mount” and 1 bolt “for 25-29mm rear mount”
MultiStop internal system Di2, eTap, EPS, 2x mechanical (Shimano-only), 1x mechanical (all groups)
Headset Cane Creek Integrated IS42/28.6 | OPEN-custom Integrated IS47/38 (complete set part# CAA2011K)
Seatpost Integrated mast 25mm BB to saddle
Seattube top clamp OPEN-custom saddle top clamp with micro-wedge for 25mm seat mast with 15mm adjustment (MOCT top clamp with 15-35mm adjustment available separately)
Rail clamp Ritchey rail clamp with side plates for round 7x7 and oval 7x9.6mm rails included
Indoor trainer compatibility Detailed information here
Installation information ""Brake hose installation
Torque specs""
Included with frameset: Headset, Seattube top clamp, Rail clamp, Thru-axles, 2 RD hangers, 2 MultiStops (Di2, eTap), cable exit stop, noise-reduction foam sleeves, bottle cage bolts, manual
Frameset Price (USD, excl. sales tax) $7,500