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3T Exploro RaceMax Frameset

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3T Exploro RaceMax Frameset

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3T Exploro RaceMax Frameset 3T Exploro RaceMax Frameset

3T Exploro RaceMax Frameset

The 3T Exploro RaceMax is really 2 bikes in one. It's everything you want from a road bike. Stiff and aero. As a gravel bike, it can handle big tires for comfort and maximum go-anywhere flexibility.


Product Description

The 3T Exploro RaceMax is really two bikes in one. It's everything you want from a road bike. Stiff and aero. As a gravel bike, it can handle big tires for comfort and maximum go-anywhere flexibility.

Let's talk about tires

3T looked at tires as an integrated part of the design of the whole bike. While the choice of tires determines comfort and grip it also affects aerodynamics – how air flows off the tires/wheels onto the frame. 

To design our frame based on tires we had to understand how tire and wheel dimensions and their combinations fit in the real world. Labels alone do not give an accurate picture of how tires/wheels integrate with the frame. Tire dimensions/pressure and rim width all play a factor in this integration.

3T took hundreds of measurements to get real tire widths. They call this WAM - Width as Measured. They also measured tire radii, RAM – Radius as Measured. They used these two dimensions to engineer their frames.

RealFast Aerodynamics 

With tire dimension data, they created a frame, sculpting the rear triangle to optimize aerodynamics while providing mud clearance. The headtube is narrow, reducing frontal area. The multi-shaped fork allows the direct mount brakes to be tucked in from the wind while the seatstay flows off from the seattube at a lower point to shape air over the tire and wheel. The massive downtube is skinny near the headtube then widens to push air around the water bottles. RealFast Aerodynamics for real world situations taking into account different riding speeds, wind speeds, tire widths, water bottles and even mud.

RaceMax - Race vs Max

With 35 to 45mm WAM tires, the RaceMax frame gives you a race set-up that rivals the best road bikes. While this set up is versatile enough to cover most multi-surface situations, the 'Max' part of RaceMax gives you the ability to add huge tires – up to 61mm – for the ultimate in traction and control.

With one wheelset, the RaceMax is the ultimate all-rounder allowing you to be fast on the road, gravel or both. Adding another wheelset with wide tires unlocks all kinds of riding possiblities!

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Design Details
PERFECT AERO CUTOUTClose-fitting cutout to shield the rear wheel and achieve the most speed.
MIND THE GAPNo oversized gaps between front tire & downtube for better airflow transition and less turbulence.
HUGE CLEARANCEThe original Exploro set today’s standard for 54mm tire clearance. The RaceMax has 61mm!
75MM DOWNTUBE BASELower downtube aero profile is 75mm wide to fully shield water bottle.
46MM DOWNTUBE NECKUpper downtube necks down to 46mm to pick up the airflow coming off the front tire.
SIZE-SPECIFIC DOWNTUBEReduced depth on smaller sizes to keep frame compliant and keep space for bottles.
NARROW HEADTUBEHeadtube is sized like a road bike for a small 1 1/4” steerer for optimal aerodynamics.
BIG STEERERInside that narrow headtube is a big 1 1/2” steerer for best strength and stiffness.
MINMAX HEADSETTo fit this big steerer inside the narrow headtube, we use the custom MinMax headset.
MINIMALIST CROWNFork crown shapes haven\'t changed much since brakes were attached there. Now that we have disc brakes, we don’t need that bulk of material and can reshape the crown for better strength, stiffness and weight. Plus better aerodynamics.
PURE-ROAD FORK LENGTHWith the shorter crown, we can make our forks 25mm (1 inch) shorter than other gravel bikes. Exactly the same as a road fork. This offers better stiffness, lower weight, an easier steering geometry and better aerodynamics.
DOUBLE-DROP CHAINSTAYSDropping the drive-side chainstay improves tire & crank clearance. Dropping the other side as well creates a much more efficient structure behind the BB for higher stiffness & strength as well as lower weight.
THREADED BBOur bikes come with threaded BBs for the best alignment and to avoid any issues. yet we do so without threads in the frame as they cause other issues. Read more about our solution here.
DIRECT-MOUNT REAR BRAKEStandard frames require an adaptor to use a 160mm brake rotor. We have integrated that into the frame, meaning you don’t need any extra pieces to attach the brake.
DIRECT-MOUNT FRONT BRAKEStandard forks require a flip-flop adaptor to set the correct brake rotor size. Our direct-mount pre-sets the caliper for 160mm rotors without any extra pieces.
INTEGRATED FENDER MOUNTSInvisible until you need them. Custom fenders coming soon.
CLEAN PERFORMANCESelf-adjusting bolt angle for higher clamping forces with lower torque.
RITCHEY RAIL CLAMPThe new standard for gravel bikes, available for round and oval rails.


Size XXS 51 54 56 58 61
Rider Height* (cm) 142-157 153-167 164--177 175-185 183-196 192&Up
Rider Height* (inches) 4’8”-5’2” 5’0”-5’6” 5’5”-5’10” 5’9”-6’1” 6’0”-6’5” 6’3”&Up
Stack 520 542 564 584 604 632
Reach 355 366 377 385 393 404
Fork axle-crown 370 370 370 370 370 370
Head angle 69.0 69.5 71.0 72.0 72.0 72.0
BB drop 79 79 77 77 75 75
Seat angle 74.5 74,0 73.5 73.0 72.5 72.5
Seattube length 436 463 490 518 545 572
Toptube length 506 526 546 566 586 606
Wheelbase 998 1008 1008 1014 1024 1044
Front center 596 606 606 611 621 641
Rear center 415 415 415 415 415 415