Open 0-1-1 Carbon Frame Bikes OPEN OPEN 0-1.1 Carbon Frame Bikes OPEN
Open 0-1-1 Carbon Frame Bikes OPEN
OPEN 0-1.1 Carbon Frame Bikes OPEN
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Open 0-1-1 Carbon Frame

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Weighing in at less 1000g the OPEN Cycles O-1.1 mountain bike frame is a feat of engineering that can be ridden to success on cross-country courses and destroy gravel road events. Designed by industry veteran Gerard Vroomen, formally the co-founder and engineer of Cervelo bicycles, the O-1.1 utilizes a complex carbon-fiber layup to imbue durability and low weight in equal measure. The design process took great pains to insure the frame has shock-absorbing vertical compliance and ample clearance for 2.25 tires on 29er rims. It is very easy to build up a sub-19 pound dirt-racer when starting with the light and tough OPEN Cycles O-1.1 frameset.

A lightweight hardtail is often hard to beat on race day and OPEN Cycles delivers the lightest hardtail frame available to date, the OPEN O-1.1. OPEN Cycles is a new name to many but no stranger to making incredible bikes as the key players are industry veterans with past lives at BMC and Cervelo. Their O-1.1 frame is the culmination of a desire to build something exceptional combined with the engineering and manufacturing know-how to do so. This hardtail is identical to the matte-black O-1.0 from OPEN but with a coat of paint added - yes paint weighs, almost 100 grams in this instance. the same carbon layup and unique tubes are used, such as a Trapezium top-tube, Semi-flex chainstays and Wire seat-stays along with a BBright bottom bracket configuration. More than just aesthetically pleasing each of these elements is evident to get the best ride from a O-1.1 in the real world; with the Wire seatstays and Semi-flex chainstays allowing vertical compliance for a softer ride and improved traction on washboard. Clearance for actual knobbies, up to 29x2.25, is inherent as well to maintain competitiveness on loose trails and allow tire options based on local conditions. The O-1.1 frame can be ridden with suspension forks from 80 to 100 as it is intended to be a race machine with nimble handling. Begin with the OPEN Cycles O-1.1 hardtail frame as the foundation for your new featherweight  racer and you will have one of the the lightest bikes on race day.

Looking to build your new OPEN O-1.1 frame to your exact specifications? Contact our OPEN custom build expert Ryan or give the shop a call. With a huge number of options for your wheels, drivetrain and everything in between we can help meet any of your goals. Whether you’re heading to Salt Lake City, or prefer we ship your Open O-1.1 bike to you, we’ll do a full, professional bike build, dialing in shifting and braking, truing wheels, etc. If you’re unsure about sizing, give us a call or email us at to talk through geometry and fit. We are more than happy to discuss variations of this build.

*Please note that bike specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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