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ENVE SES Tubeless Tire

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ENVE SES Tubeless Tire

Brand: Enve
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Product Description

The ENVE SES Tubeless Tire is engineered for maximum efficiency and durability, providing riders with a fast and reliable tire when performance matters. Its aerodynamic shape reduces drag and provides riders with the confidence to tackle challenging terrain. ENVE's tubeless construction means less flat tires and more time to reach your goals on those cycling pursuits.

Despite this optimisation of airflow and tread being the thing that tends to catch people's eye, there's a lot more depth to the design. Everyday rideability is actually at the forefront of what the ENVE SES Tubeless Tire is all about, and to achieve this meant balancing weight, rolling resistance, and puncture resistance for a tyre you can ride without overthinking it. 

ENVE didn't cut any corners when it comes to the materials used to construct these tires. At the bead you’ll find a material called Zylon, which is stronger than Kevlar and stiffer than steel but also has high thermal stability and high resistance to stretching over time. Move to the tread and you’ll find a 2.2mm layer of SPC Silica with a 66 durometer rating and a Vectran backing, all of which serve to provide longevity as well as grip.

The ENVE SES Tubeless Tire provides worry-free, fast, and reliable biking. Its unique and carefully engineered design gives it superior durability and stability, while its gripping tread makes for effortless cornering and a smooth, controlled ride. This top-of-the-line design allows you to confidently enjoy your ride with the security of knowing your tires won’t let you down.



Product Specs
ApplicationRoad Race | Triathalon | TTRoad Race | Triathalon | TT | All-RoadRoad Race | All-RoadAll-Road | Mixed Surface Race
Tire TypeTubless Ready | Tube Compatible
Compatible WithSES 3.4, 5.6, 7.8, SES
ENVE 45 & 65
All ENVE Wheelsets
Optimal ENVE Rim PairingSES 3.4, 5.6, 7.8, SES
ENVE 45 & 65
SES 3.4, 5.6, 7.8, SES
DISC, SES 3.4 AR, 4.5
AR, G23
ENVE 45 & 65
SES 3.4 AR, 4.5 AR,
ENVE 45 & 65
SES 3.4 AR, 4.5 AR,
ENVE 45 & 65
Inflating Width on Suggested Rim Pairing19mm Internal = 25mm
21mm Internal = 26mm
23mm Internal = N/A
25mm Internal = N/A
19mm Internal = 27mm
21mm Internal = 28mm
23mm Internal = 29mm
25mm Internal = 30mm
19mm Internal = 28mm
21mm Internal = 29mm
23mm Internal = 30mm
25mm Internal = 31mm
19mm Internal = 30mm
21mm Internal = 31mm
23mm Internal = 32mm
25mm Internal = 33mm
Tire Pressure Range60-90psi (4-6.25 Bar) 50-85psi (3.4-5.9 Bar) 40-80psi (2.8-5.5 Bar) 35-75psi (2.1-5.2 Bar)