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Sidi Tiger Mountain Shoe

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Sidi Tiger Mountain Shoe

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Brand: Sidi
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Sidi is well-known for their magical fit, which is unlike that of any other cycling shoe. This fit is well-protected, but becomes even more comfortable with higher-quality materials and technology. The Sidi Tiger Mountain shoe represents the best from Sidi in technology, material, and performance, meaning this is the very best representation of legendary Sidi fit and quality available today.

The Tiger MTB shoe from Sidi is designed for riders that demand performance. Sidi adds their latest Double Wire technology to shoes that are already well known for their durability and fit. Their proprietary Wire system has been re positioned to the shoe's tongue with both ratchets centralized for even tension when tightening without creating hot-spots under the buckles. This also moves the buckles up out of harm's way in the event of a crash, and allows Sidi to put more mesh ventilation on the sides of the shoe as well.

The Tiger features the fit that has made Sidi synonymous with high-end cycling footwear, with a well defined heel cup and ergonomic upper that easily supports the foot without over tightening. In addition the heel cup is adjustable to create the best fit for a wide variety of feet. On the bottom is a 100% carbon sole that is lightweight and stiff to most effectively deliver power to the pedals. Keeping with their legendary longevity Sidi makes the Tiger from extremely durable, and breathable, Techpro microfiber with replaceable sole treads and serviceable buckles. Sidi takes their high-end footwear to the next level with their all new Tiger mountain shoes.